is online dating worth it

I remember when I was in college and wondered- should I try online dating in college? Is online dating worth it? Those were the days where online dating was more like a curse if anyone tries. Though, I still haven’t met someone who is filled with dignity or interested in ‘talking,’ mainly. However, I did meet many good people via online dating apps that didn’t become my bae, but they are really good friends of mine. And we still are in touch!

Dating apps portray themselves as the purest way to meet people. It’s like a guy met a girl online, they talked for a week- met within a couple of days- two and a half years later they got married- Happily ever after! Too cliché right!! This doesn’t happen in real life, to be honest. Dating apps would want you to think that it’s all everyday events when it’s apparently not. Several people have several different experiences. Some people had great experiences; some people didn’t. Not everything has to happen for everybody, isn’t it?

Is online dating worth it?

If you’re thinking about is online dating worth it or should I try online dating? Are people trying this? Online dating is something that most people deny using it. However, the real question here is would you really date the one who’s doing it? And you’ll be damned!

Back in the days when I used to be on the online dating apps, I have always been embarrassed over the fact-what if my friends would see my profile and judge me for that? Though, over the period I have learnt that if THEY judge you, they aren’t your friends indeed. Using an online dating app doesn’t mean you’re desperate to meet someone to love you; it could be contradictory. Every story has two sides.  I used an online dating app to meet new people not to meet my prince charming. I know, many of you won’t buy that, but that’s the truth.

Above all, never write stupid stuff on your profile, this would undoubtedly seize much attention-not from your dates but FRIENDS. Moreover, most profiles on the sites aren’t public, only the users signed up on the app can view your profile; so if someone, e.g. your friend sees your profile that means they are on it too aren’t they? I have bumped into some friends on dating apps, and it ended up being great.

Is online dating safe?

I remember when I was contemplating about- is online dating worth it? It led me to question number 1- is online dating safe even? Which then led me to question number 2- does every one lies on the internet?

Well, the answer to question no. One would be- Absolutely! It is unsafe to meet strangers unless you have taken some necessary precautions. DO NOT share your personal information such as your phone number or address on your profile; only provide your info when you feel comfortable with that person when you know you could trust them.

Arrange your date for the public place; tell your best friend where you have arranged the date, what is the location.

The answer to the second question is also yes. The Internet is a place where people lie all the time. Now, thanks to the filters that make you unrecognizable in person. You can never tell what the actual height of this person is, this person has the perfect waistline and at the time of your meeting, you see a whole new, different person. However, people don’t just lie on the internet they lie in real life too. The reason behind it is still unknown. Latest update:- Digital license plate in California. What exactly are they?

Bottom line is you could meet people who lie and who don’t. You’d have to deal with some liars; some will come out as honest. If you’re still wondering is online dating worth it- you should see for yourself. Your experience could differ from the rest. It could be great; it could be wrong, your doubts towards the thought- should I try online dating would go away.

Does online dating work for real?

Honestly, I do not have the answer to this. Many people have different experiences. Wondering on is online dating worth it? Should you try it out? These questions are only going to make things complicated. Try it out, comprehend, evaluate then conclude. Online dating’s functionality depends upon individual factors such as your location, age, what you are looking for, etc.

Choosing the right app makes a lot of difference. I can’t give you 100% surety on that online dating apps would find you your perfect match; however, I would suggest you it give it a go. Don’t just lie in bed and wonder- should I try online dating again? If you don’t feel it even after you gave it a try, uninstall it. It’s easy. Though you never know you could get to meet THE one on online dating site, and who knows the next thing you’re doing could be taking some different type of vacations that you need to take in your life with your beau; or exploring the 10 most romantic restaurants in the world.


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