Jawless fish helps in brain cancer

Recently reports suggested that Jawless fish helps in brain cancer. A study has discovered that a chemical identified in jawless parasitic fish could be used to provide anti-cancer medicine straight to brain tumours, along with effective treatments for stroke and trauma.

The research revealed that the molecules from the parasite sea lamprey’s immune system might be combined with an extensive range of other therapies, as well; proffering hope to cure disorders such as Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, or traumatic injuries.

According to Eric Shusta, Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US, the study could be applied as a manifesto technology over multiple conditions.

Jawless fish helps in brain cancer

Researchers further stated that- when inserted into the bloodstream, various drugs couldn’t reach the mark in the brain, as the blood-brain blockade preclude large molecules from exiting the blood vessels. This would happen in the circumstances, such as stroke, brain cancer, trauma, and multiple sclerosis. However, the blockade forms a hole in and around the locations where the disease’s established.

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The study unearthed that leaky blockade provides a distinct point of entry, letting molecules to access the brain and transfer drugs, particularly on target.

Jawless fish helps in brain cancer

Shusta statement says that molecules like this usually couldn’t ship cargo into the brain; however, if anywhere there’s blood-brain blockade trouble they could transmit drug right to the location of pathology.

Researchers further claimed on the jawless fish help in cancer examination that the technology takes advantage of the fact that several diseases disturb body’s natural defence system- the blood-brain blockade, which links the blood vessels of the central nervous system, safeguarding the brain from distributing pathogens and toxins.

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The connected the molecules to chemotherapy, as well, known as doxorubicin. The treatment lengthened survival mouse models of glioblastoma- terminal cancer.

Jawless fish helps in brain cancer: Ben Umlauf of the University of Wisconsin-madison stated that this could be a course in order to keep therapies in place that does not otherwise collect well in the brain so that they could be more effective.

John Kuo of Texas University, in the US, said that numerous disease courses dislocate the blood barrier and we could visualise of transmitting a kind of different therapies with these molecules.

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If this jawless fish helps in brain cancer for real, then it’d be the best news the scientists could ever bring to us!


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