lack of nutrition education in schools

The lack of nutrition education in schools caused a grave effect on children health. Studies revealed that 12 million children are under the risks of deadly diseases; which is why the importance of teaching healthy eating in schools is all-important. Let us take a look as to what is the essence of nutrition and why it is essential into one’s body?

What is nutrition?

Nutrition works as developing blocks for life; it works as a source for our energy and the medium for functioning. Possessing a sound knowledge of nutrition and making right choices about the food you eat will aid you to attain excellent health over your lifetime and prevent you from falling into chronic diseases, obesity, etc.

Nutrition is crucially essential to maintaining and developing good health. Good health denotes a condition of healthy mind, body and social prosperity. Being healthy helps us to accomplish our desire and enjoy life to the fullest. Contrary, a poor diet could severely affect your health and leave you hopeless regarding your dreams and future.

Inferior health would prevent you from achieving what you desire, and you wouldn’t have the zeal in you to attain what you want. Having a healthy body with a healthy mind is utterly essential.

However, even after several studies done on nutrition, there has been a lack of nutrition education in schools. It’s essential for the school’s administration to know the importance of teaching healthy eating in school is as important as teaching other subjects. The little ones should know what they should eat, and whatever they are consuming are apt for their health or not? Through the nutrition education in schools, the children would see whether they are eating healthy food or just consuming what’s bad for their health.

nutrition education in schools

Why is nutrition necessary?

Having a balanced diet meal is essential in order to stay healthy. A well-balanced diet supplies our bodies with the essential fats, protein, nutrition, minerals, and vitamins to help us grow, live and function in a right way. It is vital that we feed our body with a variety of food that contains higher nutrition to keep us safe from any disease.

Importance of teaching healthy eating in schools

Researchers suggest that 3 out of 4 teachers & principals claimed that they have seen kids coming to school hungry every day. Hunger is familiar to impact health, future economic growth and academic achievement adversely. On the other side, surveys revealed that the kids who eat breakfast get higher test results, attend school unlike others and are likely to graduate and usually earn more money every year.

Acquiring healthy meals at school may sound good, however, isn’t sufficient. More importantly, we need to educate the adults first the importance of teaching healthy eating in schools. By providing nutrition education in schools, it would assist the youth to acknowledge the value of nutrition and assist further in tearing the cycle of food insecurity.

The lack of nutrition education in schools will only make it worse for the kids when it comes to staying healthy. With the lack of nutrition education in schools children having no knowledge about nutrition and healthy food could lead to higher risk of developing severe diseases and illness which might be untreatable down the road.

Lack of nutrition education in schools

Raising a healthy child incorporates teaching them about the benefits of healthy eating in early childhood in order to grow as a healthy adult. Recent studies suggested that 17 percent of the children are overweight. Notwithstanding such appalling statistics, there is still lack of nutrition education in America. Many schools don’t provide much information on nutrition education in schools.

Apart from physical education, the importance of teaching healthy eating in schools is as significant as an education. Parents cannot presume that their children’s school is going to educate them about making healthy choices.

Parents must take the responsibility to educate their children about the healthy eating. The repercussion of low physical activity and lack of sufficient diet are too dangerous; obesity being the first negative impact could increase the possibility of growing heart disease, cancer, diabetes in addition to premature death. There is a reason why importance of teaching healthy eating in schools is needed.



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