Lenovo Z5 screen

A few weeks earlier Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng posted a sketch of a notch-less device as a teaser of their new upcoming smartphone- Lenovo Z5. He has revealed more information about the smartphone following the first teaser. From what we saw, the Lenovo Z5 screen-to-body ratio might be as close to 100%.

Lenovo Z5 screen

Lenovo Z5 screen size

The display appears to cover the entire length and breadth of the front of the smartphone. Rounded edges on all sides enlarge the screen. The only information disclosed about the device is the feasible implementation of synthetic aperture.

The synthetic aperture could help to develop high-resolution photographs with a comparatively smaller antenna on the phone. The acknowledgment of patented technologies may propose execution of few more industry; first technologies to lay the camera, earpiece and other sensors without assigning particular space for them.

Screen with no notch or bezels

Cheng wrote oLenovo Z5 battery lifen his Weibo post that Lenovo Z5 would come with four technologies that are designed eliminate the bezels from all sides including space generally taken by the camera, earpiece and fingerprint sensor.

Well, will all these features sit underneath the display? It is too soon to say or to absurd to imagine a device which can capture front facing pictures without a camera. Everything we will find out in next month on June 14th. On the announced date Lenovo’s VP Cheng can finally clarify this sketch and enlighten us on how they achieved such high screen to body ratio.

All three of them can be executed in a phone, though; the camera could come out like a periscope, similar to Vivo Apex phone.  A piezoelectric ceramic driver for the earpiece is a part of the panel already since the first version of Xiaomi Mi Mix, and under-display fingerprint scanners used since the Vivo X20 Plus UD. Also Read:- OnePlus 6 in India: Top oneplus 6 features you should know

Another teaser leaked after Lenovo Z5 screen by Cheng, and it was related to Lenovo Z5 battery life, which claims to have 45 days of standby time; this calculates 1080 hrs of standby time.



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