how to deal with migraine

Migraine dealt with by 91% of the world’s population; numerous couldn’t go to their daily work or couldn’t function in a usual way when they have a migraine attack. Since several people don’t know how to deal with Migraine, it becomes difficult for them to deal with it whenever it occurs. 80% of people said experiencing light sensitivity caused by Migraine, 70% of migraine patients are women, and nearly half of them haven’t been treated properly.

Migraine isn’t something you’d call a headache; it is a genetic neurologic disease. It is, and to prevent this from happening frequently, one needs to make some lifestyle changes. We have listed eight lifestyle changes that would assist you in how to deal with Migraine:

how to deal with migraine

What causes Migraine?

Depression, stress, anxiety, shock, and excitement could cause a migraine.

Physical causes: shoulder or neck tension, poor posture, tiredness, not enough sleep, tiredness, over physical labor all are connected to migraines.

How to deal with Migraine naturally

  1. Better Sleep

how to deal with migraine

Never compromise your sleep! It is an essential part for everyone, however, it is a must, to migraine patients. It is crucial that you turn off all the lights before you’re heading to bed to evade the release of melatonin. You should untie your hair, use a soft pillow, and sleep in a noise free room in order to have a comfortable sleep. Avoid sleep during day time, and have a regular sleeping pattern.

  1. Study Mindfulness

how to deal with migraine

In order to learn how to deal with Migraine, one needs to invest their time in learning mindfulness to reduce the pain and dodge the symptoms of migraines. Applications such as Headspace and Buddhify are some of the best ways to embark on a mindful journey. Mediation videos, yoga classes help a lot, as well.

  1. Use essential oils

how to deal with migraine

A mixture of peppermint oils and lavender applied on your head would help a lot with migraines. Applying this on your neck and head ease down the headache. Chamomile, Rosemary essential oil, and eucalyptus oils could be used on the required areas with coconut oil.

  1. Drink plenty of water

how to deal with migraine

Drinking water would help a lot in avoiding migraine symptoms. It is vital that you drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Dehydration is a major cause of migraine symptoms and water works like nutrient that could assist in the avoidance of loss of blood and oxygen in the brain.

How to deal with Migraine permanently

  1. Manage stress

how to deal with migraine

Stress could be physical, emotional, mental, and people could react in many different ways. A person with a migraine wouldn’t know how to deal with Migraine. Hence, it becomes stressful for them even more. Try diverting your mind onto something; whether it’s strolling in the park, hanging out with friends or family, relax your mind by doing something you love.

  1. Pay attention to what you EAT!

how to deal with migraine

Scientific research suggests that some food items may be the cause of your Migraine. Food items such as processed meat, cheese, caffeine, alcohol, chocolates are some everyday items that leads to Migraine. Processed meat causes inflammation and should be ingested in a limit. Furthermore, you shouldn’t skip your meals, especially your breakfast. And don’t go the easy way, don’t go looking for the healthy lifestyle secrets diet that would cure all your problems.


  1. Exercise regularly

how to deal with migraine

It doesn’t matter if you have a migraine or not, incorporating exercise in your daily routine could make a massive amount of difference. Walking, cycling and swimming are the best ways to stay fit. Stretching, and deep breathing would help you a lot in reducing migraine pain.



  1. Get a good doctor

how to deal with migraine

Always ensure that you get a doctor that specializes in migraines; one that gives proper information and medicines. Neurologists, pediatric, and Ophthalmologists headache specialists.

You may haven’t chosen Migraine; however, you could choose to learn these tips to know how to deal with Migraine. Change your lifestyle, have a better diet. Many got proof after altering their lifestyle habits. Try incorporating these habits in your life, and see if it works.



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