weird food combination

Elizabeth Dominguez, a 29-year-old lady from Tonawanda, NY, had this weird food combination habit; she used to eat bagels that had poppy seeds. However, she said that she’s never eating poppy seeds after an Everything Bagel reported the new mom as a drug consumer.

On April 30th, the night prior to delivering her third baby, she went to Tim Horton’s restaurants to get herself an ‘everything bagel’ that includes poppy seeds. She told Yahoo Lifestyle that poppy seeds are her favourite- she ate them twice a week when she was pregnant.

Weird food combination habit had Dominguez result positive for opiates

At the hospital, she gave a urine sample, and that evening, a nurse gave her the results. She asked Elizabeth if she is aware that her result is positive for opiates. The category of drugs comprises heroin, codeine, Vicodin, and morphine. She was shocked hearing the news, initially as she recalls not taking any medications. Elizabeth never heard that poppy seed could cause a false-positive drug test reports since they are induced from the opium poppy plant such as opiates. When both are cut off from the plant, seeds become tainted. However, the FDA said that ‘most’ seeds that are used in food are washed prior.

Though her doctor asked her not to worry since her urine sample was used in a first ‘dipstick test’ and said more is required. If the morphine level is lower than 250mg, she is out of danger. In 1998, Live Science reported that the US Health and Human Services Department altered the end level for a positive morphine test from 300mg/ml to 2000 mg/ml; however, some laboratories have their levels.

On May 1st, after Elizabeth’s urine was sent for further examination, she delivered her third child Carter. Her baby was examined for opioid withdrawal, and she was allowed to breastfeed her son. Though she was too stressed to do so.

weird food combination

While she was waiting on her reports of drug test, the hospital organised for child protective services to interview the mother on her weird food combination habit. Elizabeth told Yahoo Lifestyle that the ladies who interviewed her were amiable and courteous, however, even if they were doing their work, it seemed as if they were intimidating to take away her baby. The interviewers asked her where her children would live if they were taken away from her.

People who were working on this case met Elizabeth’s husband at home to help the family’s living conditions and asked her two children who were of age 6 and 8- if they feel safe around their mother? Her daughter got scared. She told Yahoo lifestyle. Related:- 20 Weird Road Signs Around the World.

When Dominguez was released on Friday, she still didn’t have the permission to bring her newborn son home. Because her test reports hadn’t been ready yet, she further told Yahoo Lifestyle that she used to call the hospital every day to check. After five days, she received her test results that came out negative and the acceptance to go home as a family- she stated.

With this much information thrown at once to her, Elizabeth felt the danger of weird food combination habit that includes poppy seeds on anything should be on top of the list. She said that she’d want all companies to cut off poppy seeds thoroughly.

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