first images of asteroid Bennu

The first images of asteroid Bennu have been released by NASA. NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex has captured its photograph of the “possibly perilous” asteroid Bennu from a distance of about 1.4 million miles on 17th August. In order to capture the first images of asteroid Bennu they used the space shuttle’s PolyCam device.

First images of asteroid Bennu

The NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex launched 2 years ago from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and arriving at its advance phase of its mission. NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex’s objective is a 1600- foot wide primordial asteroid which has continued to be unchanged since its formation that was nearly 4.5 billion years ago. And as per NASA, it is essential comprehending much about the rocky realm for many reasons.

first images of asteroid Bennu

Bennu asteroid 2018

The rock and dust on the outside might give scientist with perception into the evolution of the solar system and the beginning of life on earth. After the first images of asteroid Bennu released, the researchers are intrigued in order to discover if Bennu orbit comprise substances such as organic compounds, water and valuable metals. It is anticipated that asteroids like Bennu could be beneficial one day and could be mined for commercial purposes, or their resources connected to stimulate further investigation of the solar system with the help of robotic and operated spaceships. Also, Read- vacation in space that costs $55 million PER person.

Besides, due to Bennu’s comparatively high possibility of striking Earth in the late 22nd century, it is cogitated as the most dangerous Near-Earth Objects (NEO.) NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex would research the asteroid’s physical and chemical properties, which would be difficult if an operation is needed in the future to avert or destroy the asteroid.

Asteroid bennu hitting earth

NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex

The calculation of Bennu’s possibility of hitting the Earth is dependent upon the scientists gathering more data on its movements. However, the current best calculations conclude chances of roughly 1 in 2700 of Earth collision in the 22nd century. Though the estimates could likely to change once more information been collected.

When the spacecraft would come closer to Bennu, it will slow up its pace and will start using it’s on board devices to explore orbiting satellites. NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-Rex will spend a year and a half for accumulating information prior settling in on a model site in July 2020.

Once chosen, the OSIRIS’s TAGSAM (Touch and Go Acquisition Mechanism) would contact the exterior for only 5 seconds and explode it with nitrogen gas, triggering the surface to blast into pieces petite enough to bring back its sample Return Capsule. If everything goes as devised, the sample would reach via parachute onto the Utah desert in September 2023.


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