whatsapp restrict group
whatsapp restrict group

Whatsapp can be annoying sometimes with all those group participants exploding the group with their continuous messages in every second of the day. Moreover, whatsapp groups are manifested to be a possible tool to spread rumours and fake news amongst the users. To solve this issue, Whatsapp is launching a new feature for its iOS, windows and Android phones called as whatsapp restrict group. This restricted chat feature would allow the admins only to respond to the texts, while the participants can only view and read them.

Whatsapp restricted chat feature

In order to be able to send messages to the group, the user has to use the “Message Admin’’ option to post a message or media to the group. Afterward, the message has to be approved by the admin prior going through the rest of the group. Otherwise, a user can only be a member of the group.

whatsapp restrict group

The restricted chat feature would also avert the non-admins from sending any GIFs, voice messages or documents, videos, photos if the admin doesn’t want them to do so. The feature is available in Whatsapp Android version 2.18.132 & above.

Whatsapp director Mubarik Imam proclaimed at the recently held F8 conference that Whatsapp would soon be launching new features. According to Mubarik Imam, features like stickers and whatsapp group video calling will soon roll out. However, she didn’t disclose any information regarding the functionality of whatsapp group video calling feature.

Another news is that the iOS users are receiving ‘black dots messages’ which are crashing the iMessage app. The message seems to be harmless, but it consists of a thread of hidden characters. The primary concern is that there are a lot of characters inside the text and the processor of the iPad or iPhone is not able to handle it; therefore, it crashes the iMessage app.

The ‘whatsapp restrict group’ feature was first noticed in December last year.


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