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One of the most significant inventors of the 20th century, Nikola Tesla, who spent his entire life working with electricity and dreamed of the probability of wireless communication. However, he died 30 years before the first call made on a wireless mobile phone. His work is indispensable to the technology we have today. In his tribute, entrepreneur Dorrian Porter made a nikola tesla statue after discovering that he has a lot in common with Nikola Tesla. The nikola tesla statues facilitate with free wi-fi.

Nikola tesla statue silicon valley

What could be a better way than this? Both Dorian and Tesla were immigrants who acquired professional success after moving to the United States. One of Dorian’s companies named Northern Imagination arranged a Kickstarter in May 2013 that collected over 127,000 to construct the Nikola tesla statue. If you are wondering where is the statue of nikola tesla that provides free wifi- it is situated in Silicon Valley, California.

Nikola tesla statues

nikola tesla statue

The 6’2’’ nikola tesla statues, sculpted by Terry Guyer, wherein it features Tesla holding a large light bulb. Besides, along with the nikola tesla statues complimentary Wi-fi, inside the figure rests a time capsule, scheduled to be opened on January 7, 2043; on his 100th death anniversary.

The statue has its official website as well where you can learn more about the history of its construction. Nikola tesla statues, 3D printed model will soon be launched; after that, you can have your own nikola tesla statue that would inspire you by being at your desk.


Top five Intriguing facts about Nikola Tesla:

  1. Nikola Tesla used to drink whisky every day, assuming it will keep him alive for up to 150 years.
  2. Nikola’s property was ordered to be seized by the FBI even when he was an American citizen
  3. Tesla, while he was on the edge of his life, fell for a white pigeon that he spent $2000 building gadget that could heal her broken leg & wing.
  4. He believed that women would stand out in the society and stated further that the struggle of women towards sex equality would come to an end, with the women as supreme.
  5. Tesla had grave issues with overweight people, and he openly expressed his negative feeling towards obese people. He once fired his secretary solely due to her weight.

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