Facebook hack

In this techno advancing world, the usage of internet has fastened.  Online websites have set the bars high. Facebook, being one of the oldest user-friendly websites, is still one of the favorite portals. With this growing urge of virtual world, online crimes have also increased which include hacking. Facebook data hack is most complained online crimes of recent times. Recently there have been news circulating on the internet that Facebook collects data on non users.

Hacking is unauthorized access over computer network or personal information like email addresses, phone numbers, contact lists etc. Hackers use stolen data files for authenticate credentials and personal information and he might sell the information or may use it for criminal activities.

Users have now become aware of the Facebook data hacking actions and have become vigilant about their privacy and rights.

Facebook hack

In recent times, it seems that troubles of Facebook are not ending. Several incidents have been reported where privacy Rights of users are tampered and users have faced troubles logging in to their accounts or Facebook data hack.

Facebook data hack

Limits were crossed, when posts of CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg were deleted without his consent. In 2016, a new report emerged that the corporation gathered email contacts of 1.5 million users unintentionally in the course of 3 years.

This activity initially noticed by a security researcher who observed that the social networking Giant was asking its users to enter emails and passwords to identify their identities. Users who entered their details, saw a pop up message which displayed “importing “their contacts without their permission. This facilitates Facebook to create a web social connection and give friend suggestions to its users.  Around 1.5 million contacts of users were accumulated. Read:- Top 6 most secure browser of all time

Facebook data hack incident

Another incident, concerning facebook hack, occurred in October 2018, when hackers stole personal data from 29 Million Facebook users in recent hack, including their email IDs, contacts, phone numbers etc. This shook the trust of people and the number of users decreased in huge amount.

Most users of social networking sites don’t know that those using Facebook apps on their mobile devices can access your email address even if not displayed on your profile. Facebook has been continuously attacked due to privacy concerns, hence, concerns on facebook hack is rising day by day. By default, it seems Facebook settings are set up so that email addresses are invisible on the timeline but are still accessible by friends.

How does one arrange settings on Facebook to prevent Facebook data hack?

You should configure emails to safeguard Facebook hack.

Click on “about” on main timeline page, then scroll down to a box on right hand side titled “contact information “

Blue box tells the selector to control the level of protection for each individual email address, while the box highlighted in red represents controls to adjust whether each address is displayed on this contact information box.

There are a number of options which are configurable for each email address associated with the Facebook account.

  • ‘Public’, is to display you email to everyone.
  • ‘Friends ‘, only friends can view your contact details.
  • ‘Only me’, to mask the ID from mobile devices.

By choosing ‘only me’, email addresses are kept safe from view even from IOS and windows phone Facebook apps. This way you could prevent your account from facebook hack.

How can you control who can look you up using your email?

Facebook hack

Facebook provides a setting to control who is able to look you up using your email information.

  • To adjust these settings you can follow these steps:
  • Select privacy shortcuts > more settings> privacy.
  • Under the ‘who can look me up’ section, you can see a setting for your email.
  • Click on setting to select who can search you using email information.
  • After setting up this privacy, if someone searches your email in ‘Facebook search,’ results won’t show your profile.

Facebook recover account

There can be many reasons why you are not able to log in to your account. There are various ways for recovering your Facebook account:

Forgot password: you can easily recover your account and set a new password.

Disabled account: you have to submit your legal evidences if your account has been disabled.

Account hacked: in first place try to recover your account, and contact Facebook as soon as possible.

If you are asked to do a security check and confirm your identity when trying to log in to your Facebook account or you have trouble logging in, fix problems.

For Facebook recover account, log in to Facebook and follow the instructions to confirm your identity.  If you forgot your password, you can request a new one.

You may spot following options to confirm your identity:

Identify friends based on tagged photos.

Contact another friend to help you.

Enter your date of birth.

After completing this process, read the information to keep your account safe and avoid further problems of Facebook hack.

Facebook security setting

However, now there is no such thing as ‘Facebook hack,’ since there is an inbuilt security system that protects your information. There are many other ways to protect your data and yourself on Facebook.

For Facebook security, you can use security features like login alerts and approvals, and review and update your security settings at any time.

Under Facebook security, you will find many options like security checkup, how can you keep your account safe from Facebook data hack. If you want to know in-depth regarding how to secure Facebook account click here.

Previously, Facebook has been seen working on a feature- how to share facebook post on whatsapp. 

Use these settings in order to secure your account and keep yourself safe from falling into someone’s web!


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