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Old school games that reminds of your childhood

With the evolvement of technology, it has completely changed the definition of gaming. Today’s age gaming has become a part of many people lives. While some are loving the evolvement of gaming, some are reminiscing about the 90s video games that they used to play. And honestly, nothing could beat the old school games of the 90s. People who are born in the 90s would know much about these old school video games. Let’s take a look at our top 10 favourite picks on the 90s video games.

Old school video games list


Remember the eating pills that you loved playing in your childhood? Pacman is one of the most popular old school video games that rocked the entire world. Not only kids but adults get excited every time they start playing the game.


One of the best games developed by Atari is Gauntlet. Featuring four players in a cupboard screen, the players have to complete each level of the game. If you are brave enough to play, you are ready to cut, gash and crawl in a web with the other three players

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic spiky hair, cool swagger personality and his awesome power and tricks loved by the gamers when they use to complete their adventure. Moreover with his partner, Sonic has become favourite of all gamers, and he still is.

Super Mario Kart

One of the best old school video games that enjoyed by everybody. It is one of the best retro games that developed which gained millions of happy players.

Streetfighter turbo II

The best old school video games of the 90s. Turbo and other street fighter versions surely amazed the world with Ryu and Ken, Blanka and his thrilling attack moves and various characters from different countries.

Old school games for ps4


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This game is undoubtedly the most realistic football game to date. The AI intelligence of players has been maintained to exhibit stronger and more effortless match. The game might not be for everybody however it makes more for a strategic game. The second season of the tour included as well and is as entertaining as the previous one, while the best team gets better every year

Far cry 4

Far cry 4 is the most popular and amongst the old school video games that have everything a modern game should propose. The mission formation is superb, while the number of side missions and other stuff you could do is mind-blowing. However, the best thing about this game is perhaps the villain in Pagan Min. Equally funny and evil you will fight to the closest bond style foe in the game.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 might have gotten its criticisers but this has a better story than its antecedent. People who are newly introduced to the gaming world and not as hardcore as the first-person-shooter gamers would love to play this old school games.

Rocket league

A strange mixture of football, Robot wars, and driving sims, Rocket league is an online multiplayer game that is a cult hit amongst gamers. The players basically have to use their rocket-powered cars to exert a force on the football into their opponent’s goal. Mad and brilliant at the same time.

Call of duty II

Call of duty II return to the World War II was a successive move. The campaign is short, is touching and filled with magnificent set pieces. The multiplayer war mode option is excellent as well. This has been the most favorite old school games for many.

These were some of the names out of many of some old school games. Let us know what your favourite childhood video game was.


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