oneplus 6 features

OnePlus 6 in India, one of the most overhyped smartphones of 2018, has been finally launched. The flagship flaunts a glass body with a notch on top of the display. OnePlus 6 runs on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processors in India. For Rs. 34,999 you’ll get 6GB RAM variant and the 8GB RAM variant priced at 39,999. However, what’s the oneplus 6 features? Here’s a list of 6 new features which said to be the significant changes in the OnePlus 6

Oneplus 6 features


Oneplus 6 has a more prominent display this time with a notch on the front, where the front camera located. The onePlus 5T had 6.01 inches of screen with 2160 x 1080 pixels resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio. Both 5T and 6 exhibits an AMOLED display. However, oneplus 6 has a bigger display than onePlus 5T.

OnePlus 6 features more onerous than 5T as well; however, the overall aspects are similar to the previous variant.

Camera with OIS and a new recording

OnePlus has made some changes regarding camera performances. The rear camera of the OnePlus 6 is of 16MP Sony IMX with OIS and EIS and the back camera consist of the 20MP Sony IMX376K sensor. OIS stands for optical image stabilization, which wasn’t available in the 5 and 5T; nevertheless, the company has decided to bring back the feature. This feature will enable you to take low light images. also read:- DSLR For Wedding Photography 2018 and DSLR for Low Light Photography.

The back camera of the onePlus 6 supports 4K video at 60fps now as well. It has super slow motion at 480fps at 720p resolution, which was missing in OnePlus 5T. At last, the OnePlus 6 front camera would get a portrait mode soon.


In the previous version, this was known as Gaming DND. When you’re in this mode, you can play any game without being bothered by any notification, but reduce latency as well, as claimed by the company. In this mode, the phone will lower the amount of data automatically that are appointed to apps running behind, and more data will be appointed to the game being played.


Another oneplus 6 features that it has come up with new gestures, including the option to remove the navigation bar to depend on swiping motions to navigate. To activate this option user can go to settings. One can also eliminate this new oneplus 6 features to get a cleaner look. However, you can undo this feature from going back to the setting option.

Oneplus 6 has made some alterations in the camera even though the sensor specifications are corresponding to 16-20MP.

Android P beta update

Another rare oneplus 6 features that it will be eligible for Android P beta updates from Google. However, according to the company, the update is yet to roll out for the smartphone, but it will be available soon.

Water resistance + headphone jack

The new oneplus 6 features the new placement of the headphone jack; this time they have placed the headphone jack at the bottom. The smartphone is water resistant as well however it doesn’t mean that you can dip it under the water. The company hasn’t given any ratings regarding the water resistance and said that the phone could survive the slosh of rain. Furthermore, the headphone jack to consists of waterproof material. Though, the actual ratings are unknown. Click on the headphone to buy

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