paypal vs google wallet

Money is human’s greatest ever invention. Some says- the more money, the better- though you can’t expect to wander around with a hefty amount of money in your wallet. With the evolvement of technology, there are now several options for keeping your money safe in your phone or even send money to others easily. For sure, when it comes to online payment services PayPal is a well known service, however it is evidently not the only one. Google has incorporated Google wallet peer to peer payment solution into its services that is way cheaper than PayPal. So, who will win in the paypal vs google wallet battle? Let’s find out:

What are the differences between Google Wallet and PayPal? Google wallet vs paypal 2018

There may not have been a battle between paypal vs google wallet; however, when it comes to go for the best one, who would you pick? Half of the world’s population uses paypal and the other half are Google users, so who is the winner here? If you want to know the difference between paypal and google wallet there are some factors that you need to know about these two giant internet companies.

Paypal vs goggle wallet

Google wallet is more of a side business for Google, whereas on the other hand, paypal’s existence is due to its pay method feature.  When it’s about paypal vs google wallet; Google wallet is a lot friendlier, especially fee wise. You could add money to the wallet via credit card and they wouldn’t charge you extra for transactions. Furthermore, you could add money into your Google wallet directly via bank account, and you won’t be charged any further for transferring money from your wallet/ bank account to someone else’s wallet.

However, it is not the same when it comes to PayPal. Things are exact contradictory. If someone would ask me who am I up for- paypal vs google wallet; I’d go for Google wallet! PayPal CHARGES money from its receiver irrespective of the source, and that is an awful yet very lucrative part of the company. So, the thing is, if you have linked your bank account with your PayPal in lieu of a credit card or even using paypal money, you’d still be charged 3% of processing fee.

In addition to that, EBay is the owner of this online pay machine-PayPal and the company has made it difficult for the sellers on EBay to use any other medium of payment and the sellers are at a higher risk of being cheated than with a regular credit card.

Here, in this paypal vs google wallet battle the clear winner would be google wallet.

Paypal vs google wallet for business: honestly, it doesn’t matter if you are okay with both the company’s terms & conditions.

Square vs paypal vs google wallet

Let’s find out who amongst these give the best payment services to its user:


It is a known fact that out of these three services paypal is the expensive one. With its 3% charge for transaction fee done via credit or debit card, and an extra 30 cents, makes it the most expensive internet payment solution for the users. Though that was for the debit/credit cards- bank transfer fee is FREE of charge. Furthermore, it does offer some advantages as well; you could make transactions up to $10,000.

Google wallet

On the other hand, Google wallet as the most cheapest payment services. There is no requirement for an extra fee while making transaction via debit or bank transfer. However, you’d require paying 2.9% processing fee, if making a payment via credit card. It is quite similar in terms of transferring amount being $9999.

The feature that makes Google wallet unlikely than the rest, is its incorporation with other Google service. You could transfer money via android default text messaging service, and it would display in your Google wallet. However, the money could take up to 3 days to transfer, though it’s quick when transaction made using a debit card.

Square cash

The best thing about using this payment service is that you don’t need to set up an account in order to use its service, unlike other services. You don’t have to wait, nor do any extra steps in the transaction process. As a matter of fact, once you have entered the bank details, square cash stated that the transactions shall take max 2 days time.


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