medical benefits of marijuanas

Before I begin, let me put disclaimer real quick- we are in no way promoting the consumption of marijuana for pleasure or any other purposes whatsoever. This article will showcase only the medical benefits of marijuanas, showcasing the positive aspects based on scientific researches. Marijuana was first used for psychoactive agents in China back in 2737 BC. The focus was primarily on medicinal purposes than the inebriation properties. Slowly it spread from China to India, then North Africa and reached Europe by AD 500.

medical benefits of marijuanas

Even after such history, people are still debating over why medical marijuana should be legal. In 1996 California legalized marijuana for medical purposes and became the first state to do so. 24 states after California legalized marijuana usages for the medicinal objective. You will be shocked to know the medical benefits of marijuanas.

Here are 15 proven medical benefits of marijuanas you never knew:

  1. Marijuana fights & prevents cancer

In a 2007 research, researchers revealed that marijuana might stop cancer by preventing a gene known as Id-1. The scientists tested on a breast cancer cell with grass that had a higher level of Id-1 and found positive results. As a matter of fact, American Association for Cane research found that marijuana does work in slowing down the growth of a tumor in brain, lungs, and breasts.

  1. Treats Alzheimer

THC in marijuana slows down the development of Alzheimer. A study conducted by Kim Janda suggests that THC slows the growth of amyloid plaques by restricting the enzyme in the brain that creates them.

  1. 3. Treats Glaucoma

Marijuana treats glaucoma by lowering the pressure inside the eye. Glaucoma increases the pressure in the eyeball, damaging the optic nerve that results in loss of vision. Studies in the 1970s revealed that people who smoked marijuana, who suffered from glaucoma, lowered the pressure in the eyeball. Its effects can prevent blindness as well.

  1. Treats Arthritis

In a 2011 research, reports were that weed lessens pain and swelling and encourages sleep, which assists in relieving pain and anxiety. Rheumatology unit’s researchers served a marijuana-based pain relieving medicine known as Sativex wherein patients had seen an effective result in the reduction of pain, and enhanced sleep quality compared to other drug users.

  1. Assist in fighting PTSD

Marijuana is effective in battling PTSD and is approved in fewer states in America. PTSD is the primary reason in New Mexico to obtain a license for medical marijuana; however, this is the first time US government’s Department of Health and Human Services has given their consent to a proposal that integrates vaporized pot.

  1. Protect brain after a stroke

The University of Nottingham research depicts the medical benefits of marijuanas. The study revealed that marijuana might assist in protecting the brain from injury prompted by a stroke by decreasing the size of the affected area.

Other research showed that marijuana could help save the brain after distressing events like the concussion

  1. Ameliorates lupus

Other medical benefits of marijuanas include treatment of an autoimmune disease called lupus which is when the body starts attacking itself for no reason. There are chemicals believed to be present in marijuana that helps calming down the immune system.

Benefits of medical marijuanas

  1. Reduces anxiety

Research held by Harvard University in 2010, suggested that some of the medical benefits of marijuanas may include treatment of anxiety. Marijuana may help reduce stress which will refine the smoker’s mood and work as a sleeping pill in low doses. However higher doses might intensify anxiety and could make you paranoid.

  1. Marijuana reduces the pain of multiple sclerosis

Research published in the Canadian Medical Association reported that weed might relieve painful signs of multiple sclerosis. Jody Cry Bloom examined 30 patients who have multiple sclerosis with painful muscle spasm. They were not responding to any medications; however, after consuming marijuana for some days, they claimed to be in less pain.

  1. Eases tremors for Parkinson’s disease patients

A recent survey from Israel exhibits that vaporizing marijuana decreases the pain and quivering and ameliorate sleep quality for the people who have Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Decrease pain & nausea from chemo and restore appetite

The medical benefits of marijuanas include reducing severe pain from chemotherapy. The cancer patients going through chemotherapy undergo agonizing nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, and severe pains; which leads to more health issues.

With the help of marijuana, the side effects can be reduced.

medical benefits of marijuanas

Health benefits of marijuanas

  1. Marijuana assists with Crohn’s disease

Weed can heal Crohn’s disease which is a swelling bowel disorder that develops pain, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, and much more.  However, a study in Israel depicted that smoking a weed decreased Crohn’s symptoms in 10 out of 20 patients.

  1. Marijuana control epileptic seizures

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Robert J. DeLorenzo gave epileptic rats some marijuana extracts & synthetic marijuana, and it stopped the seizures in 10 hours. It is discovered that the THC present in marijuana controlled the seizures. The outcomes published in Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

  1. Marijuana helps to cut off drinking habit

Weed is less addictive than alcohol, though that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain any risk either; however, it is less likely to cause any physical damage. Research suggested that some consume marijuana because it is less harmful than alcohol, prescribed and illegal drugs.

  1. Marijuana reduces opioid overdose deaths

medical benefits of marijuanas

Many experts believe that the reason behind the opioid deaths is the painkillers to heal chronic pain. It is dangerous to intake powerful drugs that comprise a high risk of overdosing and high

addiction rates. Marijuana, on the other hand, cures chronic pain and is less risky. Studies have revealed that countries that legalized medical marijuana have lesser opioid deaths.

These are the 15 medical benefits of marijuana, proven by the medical science; however, it is still debatable as to why medical marijuanas should be legal even after possessing such traits. Hopefully, soon we can see marijuana being legalized and medical science keeps proving its benefits.


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