is snapchat safe for kids

The generation has evolved incomparably in terms of technology; with newer apps and ways in order to connect with people or even have your work done in a nick of time, technology has not failed to amaze us with its amazing innovations. Half of the world’s population is drifting towards digitalisation. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and what not, have become a relevant source for the people when it comes to connecting with people or raise some sort of awareness. People could talk about their opinions and share it as their posts. Wanting to share your memories with your friends and family? Post it! However, there is nothing wrong with posting pictures or sharing your thoughts when it comes to that, what really concerns me is that apps like ‘snapchat.’ Is snapchat safe for kids?

Is snapchat safe for kids?

Don’t get me wrong, snapchat is a really fun app. Snapchat is now amongst the crazy social media trends 2018. You get a lot of filters, though users still go with the dog filter, god knows why?! Ok, coming to my main concern- is snapchat safe for kids? Well, the app is not meant for users that are under the age of 12 years, so you could use the restriction settings to ensure your kid doesn’t end up downloading the app on your phone. If your teen kids have snapchat installed on their phone, go through their friend’s list. If there’s someone who you don’t recognise, remove them.

You could uninstall the app off your phone if you don’t want your kids to have ‘bizarre’ conversation with anyone. However, removing the app from your phone wouldn’t mean that your kids won’t have unusual conversation. The sad reality is that about 20% of teenagers have sent or posted bare or half covered photographs or videos of themselves.

Discussing the internet safety and their consequences with your children is a must. Snapchat is a much popular app amongst teens. Knowing that no one could save or share your video or image has made it even better. It doesn’t work like facebook wherein they could tag you in a picture and you’d be forever attached with it unless the owner decides to take down your name.

However, it doesn’t imply that there isn’t other ways to get your pictures shared. Preys could take the screenshot of your posts and share it amongst their friends or maybe put it on some random young teen pics category on the internet, if you know what I mean.

There are several pages such as the ‘snapchat girls tumblr’ where the pictures of numerous teenagers that they have gotten off their snaps could be found. Albeit the user would be notified if someone has taken a screenshot of your photo.

You could restrict your viewers by going to privacy setting and select the ‘only friends’ option to send you the snaps. Moreover, if you are being annoyed by someone you could block them as well. In order to block them, you need to find their names in your friend’s list. Click and hold onto their name for a second an icon would appear, click on the gear icon. There you’ll find the ‘block’ option, click on it and there you go, no more pesky snaps!

Risks related to snapchat

Since its temporary feature of images and videos, the app is popularly used for ‘sexting’ or pornography. Though the company claimed that most of its users don’t use snapchat for such absurd activity and rather uses it as per the community guidelines.

However, under 18s could be allured to snap and send an image that shouldn’t be sent thinking it’ll be gone within 30 sec. As we have aforementioned that the recipient could take a screenshot of your snaps. Though you’ll be notified if someone does that. Kids need to know that they could be saved from all this if they are taught about the consequences prior by educating them more about the internet.

Another feature of snapchat that makes parents question is snapchat safe for kids is its location sharing feature. This feature, however, turned off by default when using the snap mapz feature. Although posting it to your story could mean that it could publicize your precise location. In order to avoid this turn on the ‘ghost mode’ in the setting.

Snapkidz- An app like Snapchat for kids

Snapkidz is an app built for the kids under the age of 13 years by the same company- Snapchat. It is an app like snapchat for kids. It is a drawing and photo app for kids and it doesn’t incorporate the snapchat’s primary feature- sending messages. If your kid is under age, you could give them this app, instead of the ‘Snapchat.’

If you’re still contemplating on- is snapchat safe for kids, I guess you may have gotten the picture here.


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