why medical marijuanas should be legal essay

The younger generations of today have become much closer to this what they call as ‘dope, pot, Mary Jane, hash, grass, cannabis, baba, weed, and so on.’ Don’t be startled; these are just the alternative names of just one thing. The adults who are confused, I’m talking about Marijuana, and those were the nicknames of marijuana.  The names I have mentioned are just a few amongst hundreds of other nicknames it has got. You may have seen many people clicking pictures while smoking pot, and posted on Instagram, which for them is like one of the instagram worthy pics, without actually realizing what they are doing while they are high. However, to legalize Marijuana has been in debate for as long as we can remember. Sale of marijuana began in the 16th century, and the world has made several adjustments ever since. Though, why medical marijuanas should be legal essay is still a topic for debate with the lawmakers across the globe.

Why medical marijuanas should be legal articles 2018

Some countries have legalized marijuana while others didn’t, which made it difficult to legalize marijuana in all states. Some countries want to legalize it for medical grounds while other country wants it for relaxation purposes. Still, many feel marijuana should be sanctioned without any limitation, and debates like why medical marijuanas should be legal essay shall be set- aside. Apart from treating cancer patients, there are several other medical benefits of marijuana as well.

why medical marijuanas should be legal essay

Here are some reasons out of many on why medical marijuanas should be legal essay:

Why medical marijuanas should be legal facts

Marijuana for health purpose

Before legalizing marijuana became an issue, it used for the treatment of severe health issues, specifically cancer patients. The people living in states or country that have made marijuana legal shouldn’t have to fly to another state only to get themselves treated; they treat the cancer patients with marijuana and enable them to feel better. Moreover, legalizing marijuana will provide concerned patients to acquire it without having to get out of the bed only to get it for medical purpose.

Traveling with marijuana will be easy

Countries that have made pot legal do not hold any laws against people carrying weed with them. However, people who are flying to other states that have not yet legalized marijuana can create an issue. Legalizing pot would make travel much stress free, thus another reason why medical marijuanas should be legal essay.

Why medical marijuanas should be legal essay

Secure than prescribed drugs and alcohol

Do you know the reason behind 200,000 deaths per year is the prescribed drugs and alcohol? On the other hand, there are no records of people died from marijuana usage. Before marijuana can even start to become harmful, an individual has to consume more than it’s even possible to intake.

The legal sale of marijuana would assist young adults

Research suggested that 25 million people consume marijuana annually and the numbers are multiplying each year, especially with adults and teenagers.  At the same time, illegally marijuana purchases are opening up access to dangerous & illegal drugs. If you are still asking why medical marijuanas should be legal essay, it will eradicate the access to dangerous drugs that could be harmful to anyone.

Marijuana product purposes

Hemp is one of the classifications of marijuana that used for several roles such as rope, fabric, and bedding for animals. The utilization of hemp is infinity. Furthermore, the seeds filled with rich nutrition and loaded in omega 3, iron and calcium. Also, teaching kids about healthy eating with the usage of hemp could benefit them; hemp used in many foods that include salad dressing, chips and nutrition bars.

It is easy to produce

Another reason why marijuana should be legal is- since other crops require chemical and fertilizer to cultivate, hemp needs little fertilizer and chemicals. You don’t have to use any pest resistant to kill any harmful insects, which means there will be no toxic substances that would invade the soil, making it environment-friendly.

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