online dating sucks for guys

Let’s be honest when it comes to online dating guys have to go through a lot. When it comes to single women, all they have to do is make a profile, sit back and wait for the texts to come; however, guys don’t have that luxe. If a guy wants a date, he has to work his way into the online dating site and get it, which means a guy has to send tons of messages only to obtain a few numbers of responses. To simply put, online dating sucks for men. You put your all efforts into it when you find that THE one and wait for them to respond back; though you never get to hear from them ever again. That a lead to this question- is online dating worth it? Is dating even meant for you? Here are 13 reasons why online dating sucks for guys.

 Reasons why online dating sucks for guys

  1. Admit it; you have a friend in your group who never has t face any problems when it comes to ‘dating.’ Their dating profile is appealing for whatever reason, and their biggest concern is that they have too many dates- huh? Really? That’s your problem? There’s no easy way. It has worked for your friend that doesn’t mean it is going to work for you as well. Some guys find success in short convos, while others make great long conversations.

It’s true online dating sucks for guys, however, it’s not for everyone.

  1. Rules that do not work

People often rely on algorithms to do the magic. Let me clear this up- algorithms aren’t a sorcery! You can’t sign up on some random dating site and expect someone to bring your soul mate right in your inbox. Sometimes online dating sucks for guys is just a key for ‘some truly suck at online dating.’

  1. Being too picky

You will get the advanced search feature everywhere, even on the dating sites app, which is why many don’t get what they are looking for. Dating sites have an extensive range of singles; however, some online daters restrict themselves to only specific section and ruin their chance.

  1. Too many options

It’s huge how many options you have in the online dating world. Once you pick the dating site of your choice, you then have to go through a never-ending population of profiles to find the one for you. Some find it hard to focus on only one person ‘cause they know there’s always one out there. Having thousands of option isn’t good for relationship satisfaction.

  1. Competing with more guys

Another reason why online dating sucks for men is that In dating websites you are competing against single guys all over the internet and it easy to get lost. At bars & clubs, you could see your competition; you count the guys in the room and assess your odds of success. However, on online, you don’t know who you’re facing, though you could predict some of them will be hotter, smarter, smoother and funnier than you. It’s like women can pick anyone and some guys fight to make them stand out. There’s lots of option in Cool gadgets for men.

why is online dating so hard for guys

  1. People tend to look similar

After browsing through same likes, dislikes, and profile, people begin to mix. I know we all have been taught that we all are unique, however after looking at all the profile proclaiming themselves as a Netflix addicted’ or searching for something new’ makes you wonder who are the original people.

  1. You can’t tell the chemistry

Online dating sucks for guys mainly because when you start connecting with them- the joke is invigorating, and for you, this might be it- and when you meet in person, everything you liked vaporizes right before your eyes. Maybe the person you saw online doesn’t look like him/her. The conversation seems awkward; you can’t expect what could go wrong until it does. That’s the risk you take while meeting someone online.

Sometimes the chemistry isn’t there, and you can’t do anything but count the minutes until the date is over. Stop pondering over the fact that you guys have talked for hours via texts, then why it all didn’t go well in- person? The answer is sometimes simple- It doesn’t have to be always! You can never tell if that person is the right one until you meet them in person. And when you DO meet them you find another reason on why online dating sucks for men.

  1. Messaging seems infuriating

The reason why online dating sucks for men is that half of them are not good with words. For few, talking is not their strongest point, which later becomes a challenge. If you are one of them, you need to pump up your chatting game before you ask someone out. However, If your profile picture is hot, you might have some scope.

  1. Rejecting is easy.

Being rejected can be painful when it happens just to you. On any dating site, it is easy to deny someone. The silence can be easily read- without having to go through the guilt-ridden charge of telling that individual why you aren’t interested.

  1. Its time consuming

Sending message after message every day is an exhaustive task- even more if you aren’t getting any response. You look for that ONE person, write a personal text, and then you wait, and wait and wait even more. It more so feels like a part of your job; only in this part of the job, you’re not getting paid.

  1. Scams

There have been many cases where the scammers targeted emotionally weak singles online. Reports suggested that almost 5,800 complaints were filed in 2014 with the FBI. According to the Huffington Post, 53% of Americans that are single lie on their dating profile regarding their ages, weight, jobs, height, and physique. This is another reason why online dating sucks for guys.

  1. The competition

Online dating sucks for guys. You’re lucky if you’re getting a response from a woman; in online dating sites, you have to compete with the other guys regularly. You can never know how many guys she’s talking with besides you. Even if she has said Yes to your proposal, possibilities are there that she still might be dating multiple guys while dating you. The thought is stressful and annoying.

  1. People can be mean

It is a lot easier to sit behind the screen and be a douche. I had encountered this with my male friend when he was using an online dating app. Sometimes, he had come across women who commented on his appearance and said a bunch of hurtful things. I’m aware that they wouldn’t have done the same if they met in person. As I have mentioned above, rejecting someone can be easy because you don’t have to do it on their faces.

I hope I have made my point clear as to why online dating sucks for men as well as why online dating is a waste of time.


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