Texas school shooting

Texas school shooting: Nine students and one teacher killed

A teenager of Santa Fe high school allegedly opened fire at a Texas high school on Friday morning. The name of the suspect is Dimitri Pagourtzis who is 17-years old boy, admitted he didn’t kill those he liked so that they’d tell his story to the rest and killed those he targeted.

This is the 22nd US school shooting and the 3rd occurrence in 8 days since the beginning of the year. In the Texas school shooting the suspect used a shotgun and a revolver to kill ten people in which nine students and one teacher and ten others were injured when Pagourtzis reportedly shot up on an art class.

His plans and desire to kill people in the school, including himself were described in his private journals. He posted a picture on Facebook wearing a “Born to Kill” t-shirt with his father’s pistol and a shotgun in the rampage as said by authorities on Friday.

His motives were not evident immediately, however, after confiscating his mobile and computer by the police, his written plan in his journals saved on his computer confirmed the Mens-rea.

Witnesses reported students running in fear from the school as soon as they heard the gunshot. Authorities also found explosive devices in the Santa Fe high school and the areas closer to the school, said the high school district police chief, Walter Braun.

One of the victims who was killed in the Texas school shooting was a foreign exchange student from Pakistan named Sabika Sheikh. Another victim was Cynthia Tisdale, 60, who was a substitute teacher, she started working a year and a half ago after her husband diagnosed with cancer.

The suspect allegedly tried to kill himself, but eventually gave himself to authorities, saying he couldn’t gather the courage to do so. Witnesses of the Texas school shooting recollect that Dimitrios was a quiet student and bullied by many people, including the gym coach.

He has been criticized before by coaches for his body odors a student told local reporters. He didn’t even talk much with many people and kept himself secluded, the student further added.

President of the United States Donald Trump addresses the Texas school shooting in his speech during a prison reform event in the White House, where he said mass shootings have been “going on too long.” He further added that the incident was “absolutely horrific.”






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Texas school shooting




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