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Recently ‘fake news on whatsapp,’ circulating on the internet, affected the Facebook owned social messaging app in a grave manner. Whatsapp is attempting to fight the spread of false information all over the platform. At first, Whatsapp restricted ‘forwarded’ messages to only 5 users at a time, and now the company introducing a new feature to whatsapp groups providing users more control. Last month, extra features in Whatsapp brought numerous control for their ‘group’ section. You would have an option whether you want to be added to a specific group or not.

Whatsapp update 2019

Until this extra features in whatsapp arrival, group admins could add you to a group without your consent, and if you do not want to be a part of it you’d have to exit the group. However, now, with the launch of these new extra features in whatsapp, you could determine on which group you want add yourself. This feature restricts group admins to add you into any groups without your approval. Download Whatsapp.

Here’s how the group feature works/ Whatsapp new features 2019

extra features in whatsapp

Now, when someone creates a group he/she could no longer add you without asking for your approval. After the update, the admin needs to send ‘permission request’ thru private message. This means you could now have full control over who could add you to a group or whether you want to be added. However, if someone sends you a request to join a group, the validity to accept the invitation is till 3 days. After that, the invitation would expire. Whatsapp explains by saying, that with these new extra features in whatsapp, users would have more command over group messages they get.

How to enable this group feature:

  • First go to Whatsapp setting option
  • Click on account
  • Go to privacy
  • Choose ‘Group’ option. There you’d see 3 options:
  1. Nobody- means you’d have to approve the request before joining the group.
  2. My Contacts- means only users who are added as your ‘contacts’ could add you in groups.
  3. Everyone- it is self-explanatory. Anyone could add you in a group who has you no. saved.

In order to let users take your approval prior adding you in any group, you must choose the ‘Nobody’ option.

Extra features in whatsapp

Few days ago another news broke regarding the extra features in whatsapp. The company is allegedly working on increasing its calling features to its PC and web users. According to WABetainfo, a channel that tracks every update of the company’s forthcoming updates- WhatsApp is currently working more on a lot of progress for their web users. However, their main concern was to put into effect the leeway of to make calls from Whatsapp PC/ Web.

A screenshot shared by WABetainfo, the ‘calling’ option would be in the main menu within a chat. However, these extra features in whatsapp hasn’t been added yet. It is ‘still in progress’ phase of development- further added by WABetaInfo. They haven’t either talked about when this feature would roll out officially.

Previously, this year, Whatsapp Web received the whatsapp new update- support for video callings, presented on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook in app version. However, this version was initially launched in December 2018. READ:- Question is Snapchat Safe ?

Whatsapp new features stickers & hiding conversations

Not long ago, Whatsapp was seen with few other features in the beta version 2.19.106 update; related to both restoring emojis and hiding chats. As observed by WABetainfo, the app is ready to work on its Doodle Picker. It would offer classified tabs for emojis and stickers. The emojis would be similar to the official emojis present in the keyboard whilst using the app. Another extra new features in whatsapp include the movement of archived chats option back in the main menu in the side.

Last year in May it introduced 5 new whatsapp features- whatsapp restrict group chat, whatsapp chat filter, and whatsapp group video calling.

This year, these alleged features from whatsapp new update, might be very exciting and helpful, as well, for most of us, once it rolls out! You could update whatsapp new version once it officially rolls out.


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