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Every mother worldwide deserves more than what she does for us. Most of us don’t know the worth of what mothers do for their kids; what sacrifices they make to suffice our needs, remembering every little detail about us. She may hit you with a pan when you don’t listen to her, but no other can lessen that pain other than your mother. This mother’s day, gift her something that would remind her of you every time she looks at it. Here’s a list of cool gadgets for mom that you may fit perfect to gift your mother. Those who always stay confused as to what to buy for their mothers, this article might be helpful as we are going to include gifts for moms who have everything just like we did in our previous article gifts for men who have everything. or Top 10 cool gift for your boss who have everything.

Cool gadgets for mom

  1. Cannon Powershot

Every mother around the world loves taking pictures of their infants or any special moments. Some use the camera to get them print and make a scrapbook out of it. Sounds cute, isn’t it! The cannon power shot has a wireless connectivity feature which would allow the user to connect with prominent portals effortlessly. The generation is all about social media and sharing pictures on facebook; this cool gadgets for mom might be a shot for her to show off her picture sharing skills.

  1. Digital photo frame

The amazing thing about this digital photo frame is that you don’t have to keep removing the old pictures to add the newer ones. This frame does the whole job for you. No more including and excluding of the picture; all the images will be right there in the frame, all the time. Though it might be a little costly, it’s worth splurging your money on.

  1. Screen cleaning kit

To all the mothers out there obsessed with cleaning and stuff, this gift would be the perfect thing to gift. It’s not a gadget, but it still would work wonderfully as a gift for the mothers who loves to clean. Gifting this would make her feel confident enough about cleansing.

Gifts for mom who has everything

  1. Handbag illuminator

Every mom carries those big handbags where she possesses her most essential things e.g., mobile, cosmetics, purse, etc. though she has everything she needs in her gigantic handbag whenever we try to reach her she couldn’t find her cell phone at crucial timings. This handbag illuminator is here to solve that issue for every mom. This cool gadget for mom would help her to find whatever she’s looking for. Esp. Her Phone!

  1. Windshield Hud

This is the best cool gadgets for mom to gift, it would not only keep her safe on the roads but also would exhibit all the information she needs while driving. The heads-up technology is adapted from militaries high tech aircraft.

Gifts for mom under $50

  1. Ceramic phone holder- 30$

To those who don’t want to buy cool gadgets for mom but want to buy a non-techy gifts for mom under $50, this ceramic phone holder would be a great option. The phone holder is not a tech related gadget whatsoever. However, it could work two ways. First, she can use it as her phone holder; secondly she can use it to bear you photos.

  1. Awesome mom iPhone cover

Since, now that the time is for iPhones, what’s best then gifting her an iPhone case that’d remind her every day how great & awesome she is. This way you could also convey what you feel for her, and you’re showing her appreciation for what she does subtly.

  1. Wooden docking station-45$

This cool gadgets for mom is the best gift for all the mothers out there who forgets about the location of her tech gadgets. We all know mothers are not tech savvy and they often can’t remember her devices. This wooden docking station would help her in keeping all of her gadgets at one place.

  1. Nike wireless sensor

If your mom is one of a fitness freak, then this would be the best cool gadgets for mom. Those who are searching the best yet a little less pricey; gifts for mom under $50 then the Nike wireless sensor would be the best option. She’d only have to fit it into her Nike + shoes built-in shoe pocket and team up with her iPhone or iPod to keep track with all her running records.


  1. Power wristlet- 50$

For the moms who are super busy with their work schedule would appreciate this cool gadget. The power wristlet comes in different colors and it not only has a charging facility; it also has a six credit card slots, an LED indicator to let you know how much charge is done. What could be the best gift than this? It’s cheap and useful. If you’re a looking for gifts for mom under $50 who is always on the go, then, go for this.

These were some of the lists on the cool gadgets for mom. Mother’s day is in the corner if you are planning on to surprise her by showering her with unexpected gifts, then, what have you decided?


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