top 10 gadgets in 2019

Every year we get to see glut of gadgets launched that falls under eerie, cool, and unusual category. This year we have encountered launches that left us all shook; some of them were an excellent example of human brain. Let us dive into the discoveries of the latest gadgets in market that comes also are the top 10 gadgets in 2019, as well, which left us wobbled.

Top 10 gadgets in 2019

  1. LG’s rollable LED

top 10 gadgets in 2019

The first new gadget 2019 is LG’s foldable TV. The South Korean brand LG introduced a rollable OLED TV at CES; the TV has a rectangular foundation that works & looks like a charm. The 65-inch LED would be officially released this year and as per the company, the rollable system could work for nearly 20-30 years. However, the price hasn’t been revealed yet.

  1. Smart belt with USB port

top 10 gadgets in 2019

Have you ever looked at your regular belt and wished if it were more than just a belt? Well, you wish has been granted! There’s a belt launched this year that does more than just being a regular sized belt. It track your fitness activities, waistline, and also comes with a fall detection feature. Plus, it has a USB port, that tracks several features and activities it executes. Isn’t it one of the best gadgets so far?

  1. The 10 seconds toothbrush

top 10 gadgets in 2019

One of the fastest toothbrush launched in 2019; a French company introduced its Y-Brush that claims to clean teeth in only 10 seconds. It has a motorised mechanism that consist of 3 distinct vibration settings and you could choose as per your choice. The price is $125 that’d be nearly to Rs. 8,800.

  1. GE’s Kitchen hub

top 10 gadgets in 2019

GE Appliances launched a new microwave that is called Kitchen hub, with a new price and release date. With this kitchen hub you could browse videos, social media, and even stream ton of contents on this oven. A front-facing camera lets you communicate with your friends, and family on a video call. The overhead camera allows you to take a photo or video of your up-to-the-minute cooking concoction. Streaming Spotify and Netflix are incorporated in it as well.




  1. Sony’s party speaker

top 10 gadgets in 2019

Sony displayed a speaker which includes space for 4 beer mugs. Of course, it does all the things a speaker does, and skilled at holding beer mugs, as well. The price of this party speaker is $250 and also has an outdoor party mode. So, how does it work and how does it adjust the music equaliser? Sony stated that the Digital Signal Processor automatically acclimatises audio settings in order to optimize outdoor performance. The battery gives upto 13 hours of playback.

You’d find an FM in this $250 speaker along with Bluetooth, an aux, and a wired USB connection. There’s buttons for Mega bass- Sony’s key feature- and for tweaking the musical key in case you’re in an outdoor party that involves karaoke. It is perfect for summer pool parties. Though it surely isn’t a summer gadget to keep you cool, however, it may set your mood to cool.

Gadget update 2019

  1. Moving suitcase

top 10 gadgets in 2019

Taking care of heavy luggage in the airport sometimes become a huge responsibility. Luckily ForwardX Robotics has developed a better travel partner. This suitcase moves on its own and would follow you around. It doesn’t end right here, this has a GPS tracker, charging ports, and has an option of changing back to manual mode. Looking at its specifications, it is a must have cool gadgets!

The cost of this gadget is $799. On stairs and escalators, you could put your hand on the suitcase handle to use it in a manual mode. You could even wear a smart band that alerts them when this robotic suitcase is away from more than 6.5 feet. The GPS tracking part enable users to locate their suitcase if in case they have left it in a car or hotel. It one of the best gadgets so far that deserve recognition in the top 10 gadgets in 2019.

  1. Kohler’s smart toilet.

top 10 gadgets in 2019

The reason why it is in the top 10 gadgets in 2019. This toilet has an in built surround sound speakers, Alexa enabled, and ambient mood lighting. You could ask alexa to play music, flush, and read news for you.

  1. Smart’ diaper

top 10 gadgets in 2019

It’s not the diaper that’s smart, it’s the sensor that makes the diaper smart. Monit exhibited a smart sensor that attaches on the diaper and transfer a message every time the baby has answered the nature’s call.

  1. Smart- mirror

top 10 gadgets in 2019

The Capstone’s smart mirror is in 2 sizes; one is of 19 inches, and the other one is of 22 inches. You could download apps, communicate thru Google Assistant. This smart phone could recognise up to 6 distinct languages and you could write emails or texts directly on the mirror. It surely is one of the best gadgets so far that introduced under top 10 gadgets in 2019.

  1. Wireless hair dryer

top 10 gadgets in 2019

Girls! Get rid of your wired dryers and get yourself the Volo beauty’s wireless hair dryer that works via infrared radiant heat technology. The amazing thing about this hair dryer is that it could run for 14 minutes straight without plugging it in.

These cool technology gadgets are really helpful if we look into them closely. Apart from being a tad bit costly, they all would work effectively for everyone.


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