90's gadgets

90’s gadgets

From old school video games to the 90’s gadgets- 90’s were the days of heaven! I couldn’t agree more; those were the days where we, as kids actually used to play outside. We may have grown older, however, those 90’s gadgets are still glued to my heart and I could never forget the moment when my father bought me my first 90s toys. Those 90s electronics toys might not be much alluring as compared to the modern age gadgets; though they were eye catching in that era. Kids born in the 2000s won’t ever comprehend what it was like to own a Walkman in the 90s. Trust me, walkman 90s were a thing!

90s electronics toys

  1. Floppy disks

90s toys

Prior Dropbox or USB drives, we all had to be dependent on these square-inch disks to bring our documents. Though not the floppy in the plastic box, the protective slider that’s on the outside of these floppy disks was pretty much fun to pull & release.

  1. Bop It

90s toys

Like most of the 90s toys bop it was both- addictive and pesky. The newer version of bop it- Bop it Extreme was released in 1998 that was integrated with two new command- Flick it and Spin it.

  1. Camcorder

90s toys

Even though it took us an ages to find a minute of decent footage out of those numerous shots of unnecessary people I don’t know about the other parents, however my parents still believe that it was one of the best 90’s gadgets that captured beautiful memories for them.

  1. Tamagotchi pet

90s electronics toys

These virtual pets were weirdly popular back in the 90s and were one of the most popular 90s electronics toys amongst kids. The game was all about taking a good care of your virtual dog in order to keep him healthy and have a long life; if you wouldn’t, it could die in less than a day. They were so popular 90s electronics toys that even the schools decided to ban this 90s toys.

1990s gadgets

  1. DVD player

90s electronics toys

How could we NOT add our favourite 90’s gadgets- the DVD player. Though now we don’t have to keep fast forwarding to reach our favourite scene of the movie as technology has revolutionised the game of movie visuals. However, those were the days where the CDs you have, got scratched and would stop playing and the agony starts.

  1. TI-83 calculator

Not everyone had their interest towards this 90’s gadgets that worked as a calculator and a gaming gadget both at once. You could find sames such as Falldown and Tetris, if only you know where to find them

  1. Sega genesis

90s electronics toys

Another one from the 1990s electronics, this 90s toys90s toys isn’t with us anymore. Though it was a great competition to Super Nintendo and became huge in many parts because of its hit games, such as Mortal Kombat and Sonic the hedgehog.

  1. Sony PlayStation

90's gadgets

With famous games such as Final fantasy, Tekken and Gran Turismo, PlayStation was in a rage in the 90s. Sony sold its first console worth 100 million units, and the gamers enjoyed using the joystick-laden Dualshock controllers this is one of the must have cool gadgets.

  1. Super Nintendo

90's gadgets

I still have a soft spot in my heart for this 90’s gadgets, to be honest. I mean, how could you not adore this simple and beautiful looking controller? At the same time, how could you not hate blowing in the cassette to remove the dust?

  1. Sony Walkman

90's gadgets

Sony Walkman was the 90s gem. Those were the days where we listened to music in Sony’s Walkman, we hadn’t been introduced with the iPod yet. However, these strong built music players were dope & mobile and got the job done.

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