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This article is only to thank the technologies that have changed everyone’s life. We have accumulated the list of the best tech invention of all time. IT professionals, geeks, software developers, writers and anyone else really, these are the things that make our jobs easier, some make our lives a little bit fuller, and we’re very grateful for all of them. Geeks, software developers, IT professionals, writers- they are the ones that made our jobs much accessible, and simple. Some of them have made our lives a bit inclusive, and we are very much thankful for all of their work.

Top 10 inventions that changed the world

  1. Bluetooth

Isn’t it amazing not having to carry those wired earphones with you all the time- thanks to wireless earphones/headphones that don’t require a cord anymore. I remember how many times my earphones have pulled me or dropped my laptop since my earphone was attached to my laptop. Now, I no longer encounter such misery. I feel so thankful for the invention of Bluetooth devices; I feel blessed for not using any corded mic, headsets, and keyboards. Bluetooth has changed our lives, and I’d say it is one of the best tech invention of all time.

  1. Wi-Fi

When was the last time you have actually tried connecting to an Ethernet cable to your lappy? It would take years for Copper to come; however, WIFI is becoming a reality, and being able to do any work, anywhere, anytime is such a fantastic thing.

  1. The Internet

Without the Internet, you probably won’t be reading this article, or it’s a possibility that your job exists only because of the IT! The discovery of the Internet has touched our lives in such a way we couldn’t have anticipated. It is changing our lives every day. We cannot imagine nowadays going without the internet- without checking our Insta, Whatsapp, and Twitter. That’s how we start our morning- don’t we?! To imagine that it was discovered during most of our lives, and has so drastically changed the world, is quite amazing.

  1. Virtualization

The concept of virtualization isn’t new; it has been everywhere for over a decade now. However, it is ultimately getting the sort of extensive acceptance only as a technology than something peculiar. This technology has gone so far that the new server requests are completed using virtual machines except the one requesting it mentions a physical box, depicting that this technology is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

  1. Tablets

It doesn’t matter if you’re an android user or an iPhone user- or use your tablets as an e-book reader- you have to admit the fact that tablets are one of the best tech invention of all time. They are transforming the way people work, interact, and connect thru the internet. The next few years might be about tablets dominating the tech market.

Best tech inventions of all time

  1. Smartphones (Obviously)

We’re talking about the best tech invention of all time and miss talking about ‘smartphones’? Not gonna happen! Right now, all smartphones have evolved so much and offer so many features, and you couldn’t envision yourself live without it anymore. Maybe you can, however, would you even want to?

  1. Social media

The invention of social media is the best thing that has happened to us. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, and the countless other social media websites and techs out there connect the world most amazingly. Isn’t it refreshing to think about the time when you had to sneak up to your dad’s room so that you could have his phone and dial your BFF’s number since you miss them. You don’t have to do that stunt anymore since it has become quite easy to get in touch with your loved ones thru such social media.

  1. Wikipedia

I don’t know how many times I have reached out to Wikipedia during my college years since most of the time, Wikipedia was the only source I could find in order to complete my assignments/projects. I couldn’t thank Wikipedia at the time of my graduation, however, now’s the time. Wikipedia is one of the best invention, especially for students who could find anything. It is probably the only site we all visit at least once in every week.

  1. GPS

With the invention of GPS, it is much easier to reach specific destinations- make a road trip, gas stations, or even to your friend’s house. You don’t have to ask any stranger about anything. GPS is undoubtedly one of the best tech invention of all time, and we couldn’t agree more!

  1. Video conferencing

Video conferencing would be one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. Since most of us usually live far from our families and friends, video calling has been the greatest- the best tech invention of all time. You could see your new-born niece/nephews, or instead of reaching out for flight for a 2-hour meeting you could do the meeting via video conferencing. Video conferencing adds a personal touch that you couldn’t achieve in text, emails, or voice calls.


These were the list on the top 10 best tech inventions of all time. However, this list isn’t complete. And that where we need you! Let us know- what are the best tech discoveries that, according to you, made your life more accessible. We also have gathered information on the new invention of 2019 that you might want to read, as well. 



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