best smart kitchen gadgets 2019

We have covered bits and pieces as to how to make your house smart. Now’s the time to talk about how you could add some smart kitchen appliance 2019 into your kitchen. While most of us want to enjoy a healthy, home-cooked meal, no one wants to spend their time cooking in the kitchen. Here, a smart kitchen could be a helpful partner. As a matter of fact, for any task, a smart kitchen feature makes everything more comfortable, better, and faster. We have gathered ten best smart kitchen gadgets 2019 that you should know about:

Best smart kitchen gadgets 2019

  1. Smart trash bin

This simplehuman voice and motion activated kitchen trash can opens with your voice. When you couldn’t touch the can since your hands are soaking wet, call the can to open up, and there you go! The bin opens up, enabling you to throw the trash without leaving grunge or germs all over the trash. This is the best smart kitchen gadgets 2019 that priced for $200.

  1. NutriBullet Balance Smart blender

This blender does a fantastic job of whisking ingredient into soups, smoothies, and other mixed treats. However, it doesn’t only blend the products, it tallies the calories, and nutritional info updates your grocery list, and offers hundreds of recipes. Available at only $129.

  1. Perfect bake smart scale 2.0

You don’t need to keep gazing at your measuring cup in order to find out the ideal balance of your ingredients after owning this best smart kitchen gadgets 2019. This gadget would measure as you pour the ingredients, and would tell you to stop when you’re done. This would acclimatize recipes to suit the preferred number of servings.

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  1. Anova precision cooker Nano

Sous vide cooking is a staple dish in every fine restaurant, however, it is available for the home chefs, as well. This is the best smart kitchen gadgets 2019 that keeps water heated and circulated to the perfect temperature so that your food cooks perfect, with delicious and juicy results. You could control and observe the whole process from your phone, as well. This is priced for only $99.

Kitchen technology gadgets

  1. Amazon smart plug

If you have downloaded the Alexa app or own an Amazon Echo, the Amazon smart plug would allow you to convert any appliance into a smarter version. Plug anything- coffee maker, slow cooker, electric kettle, etc. You could command Alexa to brew coffee for you, switch off/on the slow cooker, and is available only for $24 on Amazon.

  1. iRobot Braava

When you’re working in the kitchen, there are 90% chances that you’re going to spill something on the floor. In order to keep your kitchen floor- and not just the kitchen floors- I’m talking about the hard floors in your home, as well- at its best, try this best smart kitchen gadgets 2019. The iRobot Braava is a mopping robot. In an hour or two, this robot would have your floors clean, nonchalantly. It is priced for $248. It is one of the top 10 gadgets in 2019, as well.

  1. Delta faucet with voice-activated technology

Busy hands, and want to run the faucet for a quick min? We have brought you the Delta faucet featuring TouchIQ Alexa Voice-activated technology. One of the best smart kitchen gadget 2019 that works with a touch, or command Alexa to run switch on the water, and voila! This kitchen technology gadgets available on Amazon for $543.


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