top trending games 2018

Forget about the old school games, it is time for an upgrade! 2018 already is a great year for the gamers, and the creators have taken a stronger form with their highly anticipated upgrades and aspects. If you’re looking for the top trending games 2018 look no further! This year there have been some new releases that are said to be the best games on steam. We are with top 10 trending games of 2018 that will likely to blow your mind. However, being a gamer is a serious task which means you would go for the best keyboards for gamers so that there wouldn’t be facing any flaws at the time you’re playing your game.

Though that’s not my point. You know what, let’s just jump straight into the top trending games of 2018. However, keep this in mind, some of these might not be the best free computer games, though they are pretty rad!

Top trending games 2018

  1. Shadow of the Colossus

Sony’s 2018 shadow of the colossus remaster is much more in depth than the one it released in 2011. The whole, including each graphical feature, has been rebuilt from scratch to take full advantage of the PlayStation 4’s technology, with a new and modern control strategy, as well. Although the perfectionists could play with the original setup if they wish to. If you have mastered the Shadow of the Colossus already you might get limited mileage out of this newer version.

  1. Metal Gear Survive

Another one of the top trending games 2018, the multiplayer based Metal gear is set between Metal gear solid 5: ground zeros and the phantom pain, and it blends the series’ signature stealth based challenges with elements elevated from survival games, such as- resource gathering, weapon making, and base fortification.

  1. Far cry 5

At the core of Far cry 5 there is a cult of demented believers, intent on capturing a chunk of the American Midwest and transforming its residents into God loving faithfuls- making it all quite disturbing in all the right way possible. Critics say it seems to be developing its horror through an exceptional ability to count on modern culture and political trends. However, if the whole American gothic vibe scares you, you could bring a friend along to keep you sober.

For the first time in franchise history, the entire battle is playable through multiplayer co-op from the beginning. Above all, if you do not have any real friends ready to play with you, you could hire computer controlled allies to take their place, as well. There is strength in numbers and Far cry’s doomsday cult has tons of members.

It is one of the best games on steam as well as the top trending games 2018. and want some great headphones for a better gaming experience? check out our most expensive headphones in 2018.

Top trending games for PC

  1. We Happy Few

In this 1960s styled dystopian survival horror game, players are confined in a city called wellington well, where most of the residents retain themselves in obscure with the help of a drug with a drug called as ‘joy.’ Your focus should be on escaping that disturbing bliss, and in order to do so, you need to keep your character healthy and whole subquests; ensure you mix up with your ultra-high neighbors and keep yourself away from withdrawal symptoms as far as you can.

Another intriguing fact is that wellington well is procedurally created, which means it is different everytime you play with it. Altogether this is currently one of the top trending games 2018.

  1. God of war

One of the top trending games 2018 is the God of War. Kratos is back in 2018, however this isn’t your father’s god of war. Instead of the sun-inundated Mediterranean, this new god of war fights in the snowy Scandinavia, where Kratos would fight with figures from Norse mythology.

This time our hero is joined by his son, Atreus. However, prior you start thinking that God of war deals action for self-observation, rest assured that within the mature storyline is a savage and thrilled adventure in a classic franchise style, though with a much modern flavour.

  1. System Shock

The remake of this 1994 classic centres around a competitively resourceful hacker. The infamous cyberspace thief in the corporate world who has taken prisoner by a money hungry trioptimum executive. This new system shock holds players tight, propelling them into post-apocalyptic Citadel station, which is populated by brainless robots, corrupt cyborgs, and deformed mutilated creatures, all programmed to obey the merciless AI.

  1. Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 lets you control a super-powered agent who hunts down criminals. However the game’s real deal is that you could destroy anything and everything. By unloading some of the game’s processing into the cloud, crackdown 3 exhibits enormously destructible environments- setting the stage for some truly amazing battles.

If you see it, you should be able to destroy it.

Best games on steam

  1. Shooty skies

The game shooty skies made by the same makers of crossy road. It is a bullet plane riding game and doing a pretty good job on steam and known as one of the best games on steam as well. If you want, you can check it out on steam.

  1. Spells worn

Into a world full of magic and battle where your wits and reflexes would be pushed to their limits. The concept of this game is to kill your opponents using magic, pushing them around and contradict their spells and you have to be the one to survive through the whole game. If you’re into mobile gaming then this might be the one to try out as it is amongst the best games on steam as well.

  1. Battlerush

Another one from the best game on steam is the battlerush which is a free-to-play multiplayer action game in the surrounding of the Second World War with total destructibility of the environment. You could enjoy full freedom bullet defence and concoct your army to destroy the enemy.


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