trending indian meme material

Memes have become a part of everybody’s life. If you don’t share memes with your best friend daily, are you guys’ even friends? Let’s face it- if anything happens, slightest to the odds, Indian meme makers are way ahead of everybody when it comes to meme making. From Priyanka Chopra’s wedding veil to Anushka Sharma’s iconic scenes from Sui dhaga to Ariana Grande’s hit song (thank you next); we have accumulated every piece of trending Indian meme material that would have your ass rolling on the floor(literally)!

From every Bollywood hit songs to movie dialogues, netizens have turned every remarkable thing into a meme and it hilarious as anything:

 Trending Indian meme material

  1. Anushka Sharma Sui Dhaga meme

trending indian meme material

Right after the trailer of Sui Dhaga came out, it had everyone talking on the internet for their de-glam look. And thanks to Anushka’s stills from the trailer that resulted in memes. Twitter users specifically glued to a scene where the actor cries endlessly and couldn’t stop herself from crying. Soon, the scene became huge in memes realm, where her face was on renaissance paintings, video games, etc. her face was plastered in everything you could imagine.


  1. Sacred games memes

This show truly is a trending Indian meme material. Because of Nawazuddin’s dialogue delivery, and every character’s persona is commendable! Netflix India’s first Hindi series- Sacred games made huge in the streaming services in the country.

This show created a huge fan-base amongst Indian audience due to its frisky dialogues that developed a trending Indian meme material for any circumstance. Nawazuddin this particular dialogue- Kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki apun hi bhagwan hai (sometimes I feel like a mighty god), has made a big space in the meme world.

trending indian meme material

  1. Ariana grande’s Thank u, next

Ariana’s latest hit last year- thank u, next, became a huge meme material ever since it’s released. While the song successfully gained millions of fans, ruled the charts all over the globe, it’s one particular line made a significant impact in the meme industry. It became so popular that even the Indian force joined the movement along with memers in order to convey an important message.

trending indian meme material

  1. Donald trump G7 summit picture

Last year on the G7 summit, held in Canada, Angela Merkel, German chancellor, shared a photograph on her Instagram, of President Donald Trump sitting on a chair surrounded by other leaders. This picture soon became a trending Indian meme material which later turned into a battle of Photoshop on the internet.

trending indian meme material

  1. Radhika Apte meme

Radhika Apte ruled the internet for quite some time, last year due to Netflix India’s idiosyncratic posts on Twitter and Instagram. As most of their ‘desi’ contents had Radhika Apte in it, it resulted in brutal trolling. However, Netflix India responded with even more witty contents by proclaiming their love for Radhika Apte. The company even put it on their Instagram’s bio that said- Just another Radhika Apte’s fan account. They openly confessed their love for the Ghoul actress and stated she is omnipresent. This was shared in the media and soon became a trending Indian meme material.

trending indian meme material

Latest memes India 2019

  1. Ghar se nikalte hi, Kuch dur Chalte hi

This meme showcased the thought of ‘before’ and ‘after,’ however, with a desi twist that caught the dismay of our day-to-day commute in the nation. The memes depict what happens when you leave your house and reach your destination, finally. Echoed with all in numerous ways and surfaced as one of the top trending Indian meme material in India last year as well as this year.

trending indian meme material

  1. Don’t say it!

By the end of 2018, the meme to which every Twitterati got smitten to- was one, wherein they share things they shouldn’t have. Twitter users started the ‘Don’t say it’ meme to share conversations in which the mind alert them against saying something stupid; however, the end saying it.

trending indian meme material

Indian memes and trolls

  1. Priyanka Chopra’s veil

Priyanka Chopra isn’t a new face in the meme world. She was first trolled for her met gala’s look in which she wore a jacket that was as long as a train which eventually became a meme subject. Last year she got trolled for her 75-ft-long wedding veil which was designed by Ralph Lauren that made everyone speechless online. While everyone talked about how stunning her wedding dress & veil was, the memers couldn’t hold it and quickly made it into a hilarious meme.

trending indian meme material

  1. Kedarnath movie’s dialogue

The film that showcased an interdenominational love story in the background of the 2013 Uttarakhand horrifying flood included various intriguing dialogues; however, this one, specifically, became memer’s favorite.

trending indian meme material

  1. Ryan Reynolds ugly Christmas sweater

Deadpool is pretty much everyone’s favorite superhero and probably the funniest. The actor playing the role- Ryan Reynolds is even more hilarious in real life, as well. His witty and sarcastic posts on Twitter and Instagram have had everyone go lol for real. His ugly sweater Christmas photo with Jack Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman went viral and soon became a trending Indian meme material. Netizens were amused by this meme and found it relatable to define circumstances when they are trapped in an exasperating situation.

trending indian meme material

What was your favorite meme, so far? Share yours with us and let us know what’s trending this year! READ:- Top Trending games 2018 will blow your mind.


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