torrent safe

torrent safe

Torrent. We all are familiar with this name, most of us have used it, seen it or have at least heard of it. However, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to use a torrent or have the slightest of the idea about the torrent. Those who know are scared to use because of its ‘alleged illegal downloading controversies.’ Many questioned- is torrent safe to use? People who don’t even know what torrent is actually, questioning the existence of torrent? Let us talk what torrent is?

What is Torrent?

In the tech world, the word torrent primarily refers to a computer file that contains metadata with various pieces of information. A Torrent file comes with an extension called ‘.torrent,’ however, doesn’t hold the contents to be distributed.

A BitTorrent software called Utorrent then uses the information which allows the user to download torrent files to their computers.

Because of the simplicity of use of BitTorrent, many torrent users ended up downloading copyrighted data unknowingly. Downloading copyrighted materials illegally is, of course, a punishable offense in many countries and some countries have strict laws against illegal downloading as well. Those who’d get caught of unlawful downloading will go straight to prison.

However, that doesn’t mean all torrents aren’t safe to use. Various legal torrent sites make torrent safe. These are the list of some Torrents which make torrent safe to use- Legit Torrents, Internet Archive, Vodo, etc.

How to use uTorrent safely?

When you download a file from the Pirate Bay use torrent or similar software to download a torrent file. To use Utorrent safely, you have to download third-party software called Peerblock. To get Peerblock, go to their website click on ‘download latest version PeerBlock 1.2.’

After downloading the file, run it as administrator, follow the installation procedure and you’re done. What it mainly does is that it accumulates a list of IP addresses that people use to turn you into your server internet provider for violating the rights of movie companies and what not. BitTorrent and p2p users often use it for the deliberate purpose of making their download anonymous by blocking peer connection from particular IP addresses.

Free VPN for Utorrent?

Although, there isn’t any free VPN for utorrent that could deliver impressive features, however, we have jotted down few of our picks

Express VPN

Unlike others, Express does record log activity. It allows p2p and promises to protect customers from copyright holders. P2p procedures are a lot faster than regular client-server transfers. However, the packaging and encryption processes of using a VPN slow down the transfer. The express VPN makes sure that you get the highest speed of all. It is not a free VPN for utorrent and is a bit pricey but the tough encryption, easy to use functionality and fast speed makes it worth every penny.

IpVanish VPN

Another paid VPN service but much economical than the express VPN. However, it doesn’t have as much speed as the express VPN; this is still the fastest. You won’t notice any fluctuation in the speed while downloading any files after running the IPVanish VPN client.

For this price, it won’t give you everything. The customer support is not upto the mark as the express VPN. Though, once you’d know how to operate it, you won’t need any customer support whatsoever.

IpVanish will assign you with a temporary IP address which will be changed at regular interval. This feature gives you that extra layer of privacy.

You can also pay with Bitcoin for this service.


This one too isn’t a free a VPN for utorrent but comes at a low price. VpnArea possesses a variety of features that include no logs policy, an auto IP changer, KIll switch and option of robust encryption procedures. It contains inbuilt security system with anti-WebRTC and anti-DNS leak as well. However, many users reported about the speed of the VpnArea, which might cause some issues amongst people who wait for their downloads to finish asap.

Is torrent illegal?

Many go through this phase in their mind before torrenting- is torrent illegal? Is torrent safe? What happens if you get caught torrenting? Well, Browsing torrent isn’t illegal, but downloading unsanctioned copyrighted data is. One cannot easily find out about the authenticity of the content or whether its legal to torrent or not.

You might get caught if your ISP and copyright trolls monitor the BitTorrent network and catch you illegally torrenting. It might range from a warning letter to slowing down your internet speed to legal actions. However, the incident is pretty rare.

People who are much conscious about their privacy would use VPNs to keep their internet activity private and hidden from their ISP(internet service provider). With an extensive range of applications, some VPNs are better than the others. If you want to keep your ISP from prying on your private activities always choose a VPN that doesn’t record your logs, b) isn’t based on the country where customer records used in the legal systems and c) won’t slow down your downloading speed.

Tips on how to make torrent safe for yourself

For the people who are wondering as to how to make torrent safe to use, the foremost rule is to avoid downloading movies that release on DVD and Blu-ray in the past 60 days, especially the blockbuster films. That’s when the movies make the huge post box office money.

For the popcorn users, you should walk as carefully as the torrenters. Many popcorn users don’t know that the app directly streams from torrents and seeds file, so it uploads for other popcorn users. The popcorn time users should use VPNs as well.

While downloading files from the torrent, choose your torrent carefully. Piratebay and kickass torrents are highly popular ones and probably monitored by copyright trolls. This doesn’t mean you have to pick the least popular ones; read the comments where users post the results after running virus scans on downloaded files. They will give you reviews on the overall quality as well. Also Read:- Google grasshopper.

Even if the comments are all positive, run your virus scan. It would be much better if you run multiple virus scans as each virus scan results can differ.

The biggest risk with torrent is what you download and from where you download. The safest method is never to download software such as ‘.BAT’ and ‘.EXE’ files which may contain detrimental software, keyloggers, spyware etc. To make torrent safe use a high-quality antivirus and use it on a regular basis.

Safe torrenting software

Qbit torrent

Download Qbit


Download uTorrent


Download Deluge


Download BitTorrent


Download Vuze


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