singapore nuclear summit

President Donald Trump’s sudden decision last Thursday to abort the Singapore nuclear summit next month with Kim Jong Un. Trump promised to give protection to North Korea if they denuclearize before his abrupt decision to reverse the talk. He’s struggling to explain the result to allies among fears that the trump Kim Jong un meeting cancellation would mean a return to aggravated tensions between nuclear powers in East Asia.

Is the Singapore nuclear summit back on?

Trump proclaimed, that he pulled out the Singapore nuclear summit that scheduled for June 12, in a letter, with Kim that came in less than 12 hours after a North Korean official had decried Vice President Pence and notified of a nuclear showdown if the US did not change their tone before the summit.

In a letter that officials said the president ‘dictated’, trump was regretful of the missed opportunity and rigid that he wouldn’t tolerate such anger and open hostility from North Korea.

Trump directly warned Kim Jong Un and said that he supervises a nuclear weapon that is massive and mighty and he prays to God that he’d never have to put it to use. Trump’s only aim was to remind the Korean dictator of real stability of the power, a senior White House official told the reporters that the president’s overall goal isn’t a meeting it’s the denuclearization of North Korea. He further added that the president would never compromise its country’s safety and security and its allies. Read:- Texas school shooting: Santa Fe high school attacked

However, Trump has left the door open for the Singapore nuclear summit to be rescheduled. Though, the senior White House officials highlighted the least chances of rescheduled meeting anytime soon, referring an array of ‘broken promises’ from Pyongyang.

Trump Kim Jong un meeting cancelled

President Trump and his officials blamed Beijing for inciting Kim in recent weeks to sour relations and take harder line before the commencement of the meeting. He said- Hopefully, a positive thing will take place concerning the future of North Korea, however, if they don’t, we are ready to take action.


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