Donald trump vs Kim Jung Un

Donald Trump vs Kim Jung Un

President Trump ‘promises’ to provide protection to North Korea if they denuclearize.

President Donald Trump is endeavoring to address his potential summit with Kim Jung Un. Trump assures the North Korean leader Kim Jung Un that if he denuclearizes, he ‘promises’ to give protection to North Korea.

The “Donald Trump vs Kim Jung Un” feud is going on for a long time. North Korea stated that it needs security regarding the preservation of its nuclear weapon and exhibited concerns about giving up its nuclear program.

North Korea quotes an example of late Libyan leader Muammar al-Gadaffi, who was killed on 20th October 2011 between a popular revolution. He ceased his nuclear program in the 2000s. Trump stated that his team is presently building arrangements for the meeting which is scheduled for 12th June in Singapore.

He said nothing’s changed since North Korean officials warned about the possibility of the cancellation of the summit over U.S. demand on denuclearization.

In this battle between Donald Trump vs Kim Jung Un, Trump further stated the fact that the North Korean officials are talking about the logistical details about the meeting with the U.S. like nothing happened. also, check out this month’s biggest news Texas school shooting: Santa Fe high school attacked

He spoke about Kim needs to show the desire to reach an agreement. Perhaps he doesn’t want any agreement: he added.

Donald trump vs Kim Jung Un

Pentagon said there would be no alteration or reduce in the scope of ongoing military exercise between the US and South Korea; it triggered an irate reaction from North Korea, formulating doubt on the scheduled summit with the president of the united states next month.

Dana white pentagon spokeswoman says the program of exercises hasn’t changed and the annual exercises are long-planned, defensive and are designed to protect the preparation of the US and South Korean armies. Last year there were only 1200 U.S. employees took part in the exercise, and from South Korea, there were only 640.


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