top 10 beer in india

Nothing could fight the tiredness better than an ice cold beer. Every person in India search for the best beers in India that are not only Indian, however, from across the world. We have come up with the list of 20 ultimate beers in India that you need to try.

Best beers in India

  1. Asahi super dry

best beers in india

First up into the list of best beers in India is the Asahi Super Dry. It’s clean, hard and filled with just a soupçon of tartness, this Japanese product is filled with flavour and one of the best beers in India. Due to its refreshing flavour- perhaps would work as the best complement to a steaming bowl of spicy ramen or grilled yakitori ( Japanese dish.)

  1. Tsingtao

best beers in india

This Chinese-origin beer has a bit of a malty flavor, along with a sweet nutty tang. It is super refreshing and could be enjoyed with any spicy food, or with your favorite bowl meal even.

  1. Stella Artois

best beers in india

This one referred as quite of an urbane brew that has a well-balanced taste- likable bitter and very refreshing. It is served generally in its special cup-shaped glasses- this beer would be an apt companion that would surely get along with almost every favourable food item.

  1. Peroni Nastro Azzurro

best beers in india

This Italian import is now produced in India. Its launching has intensified access and opened up availability for this brittle and a bit sour beer. You could enjoy this with your favorite pizza or add as an addition to enjoy it with your extravagant cheese platter.

  1. Bira 91 white Ale

Though this Indian craft beer has a lot of variants, devotees can’t get their mind out of the White Ale. This is a scrumptiously different wheat brew that is light and a bit tangy and relatively a daytime drink you’d say. It would go best with grilled chicken and Mediterranean meals even.

  1. Heineken

best beers in india

This infamous Dutch beer is a light one that is massively popular in the country and loved its moderately strong and an intense taste. Well known for its signature red star and green bottle, try this with any roast or grill meals of your choice.

  1. Kings

To all the people who loves sipping a bottle of beer in the Goa beaches would love this beachy beer. King’s a perfect choice for your sunny and sand holiday and the ideal addition to those lazy afternoons.

  1. Kronenbourg 1664

best beers in india

Inclusion of slight spicy herbal hint makes this lager crisp and refreshing. It works great as an addition to a cheese platter, smoked salmon or even grilled seafood.

  1. Guinness beer

best beers in india

This strong lager has made into our list due to its idiosyncratic flavour, hitting those cocoa notes and coffee with its sweet and malty hint. Imbibe this with a rich stew, a burger or with some dark chocolate. It is one of the best beer in India for health, as well.

  1. Happy by thirsty

best beers in india

Summary and crispy, happy is ‘loki’ number that begins on a mild fruity note. However, after a while raises its beat and ends on a gently bitter note. A tremendous day drink that goes with almost all the finger food items- fried fish and solid potato wedges.

Top 10 beer in India

  1. Hoegaarden

top 10 beer in india

Presenting the diverse tang of an orange peel, coriander and herbs. This Belgian wheat beer works great with a slice of orange and would work as an excellent companion during long lazy afternoons. It is amongst the top 10 beer in India, as well.

  1. White rhino wit

top 10 beer in india

Under the top 10 beer in India list-this Belgian lager comes with a desi twist- they use Indian rolled wheat and clean and fresh coriander seeds from the Himalayas. Aromatic, light and quite refreshing- this homegrown sensation works amazingly with the natural hint of Mexican and Thai food.

  1. Light head

top 10 beer in india

It is the only beer under the list of top 10 beer in India that’s low on calories and cuts down on the heft stuff. It is a wheat beer that assures full-bodied taste and you could have a guilt-free boozy shift by combining it with a salad or an easy grill.

  1. Witlinger

top 10 beer in india

Citrusy and sweet, this cloudy beer is hard and refreshing, and its specific fruity flavour makes it’s an ideal choice for a day-drink, and infinite amount of canapes and small dishes.

  1. Kingfisher ultra

top 10 beer in india

One of the best beers in India that unites beer lovers all over the country. This is more like a national player- notwithstanding the rough weather- remains the ‘king of good times.’ Kingfisher ultra is much smoother and a classier version of the earliest hit machine and works as a great companion with desi Chinese and kathi rolls.

  1. Budweiser

This American- style light beer is strong with clean taste that seems to be great for the Indian peers. Enjoy this strongest and one of the top 10 beer in India with burger or some fries combo.

  1. Carlsberg

top 10 beer in india

Even though it has a grainy bittersweet flavours it still proffers a smooth drinking encounter. Savouring this drink would be great by the poolside with a pair of salad or a fruit platter even.

  1. Tuborg

top 10 beer in india

The party beer with the traditional pull tab. This is one of the best beer in India that hasn’t stopped impressing the Indian audience with its powerful energy and discrete tartness. Complement it with sizzling keema pao or a spicy Thai curry even.

  1. Fosters

top 10 beer in india

This pale colored Australian beer is a aromatic flavored drink with a relatively malty hint, and it complements great with game night food.  Bring the chicken wings with some pizza.

  1. Knock out

top 10 beer in india

The name says it all! This desi beer is much-loved by the Indian audience. It contains 8% alcohole content and pairs significantly better with a full-size plate biryani.



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