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Vacation in space

Have you gotten bored of touring the world or cruising on the seas? Cheer up! Now there is a much better way to spend your vacation in the most high-end way possible. Axiom space, who proclaims itself as the first commercial space station said to offer 8-10 days Vacation on the International Space station as soon as 2020. and for sure you must be wondering how much space vacation cost you? This space vacation cost around $55million PER person; not only is the idea behind the vacation in space out of the world, but the cost is also enough to give a stroke to people like us. Though, this could be a type of vacation that you need to take in your lifetime; considering the price point, it is better if we just explore places on Earth. Axiom intends to launch its habitation pods linked to the ISS in 2022 for the space station vacation programme. Ever since Dennis Tito went to space on a Russian rocket in the year 2001, space travel has become a hot content amongst the people on earth. After this, several companies offered space vacation cost packages for millions of dollars, such as Orion Span’s luxury space hotel, Aurora Station, planned to open by the year 2022.

Vacation on the International space station

The ongoing floor plan includes a dining space, crew facility, and a gallery. The company is said to be giving a 15 weeks training course before the commencement of their flight. Though, Axiom did not respond to a request for any comment immediately.

Since the ISS is set up to retire in the year 2024, Axiom is deciding to detached its habitation space from ISS and develop its station of own-as per the company’s official website. The company says that it welcomes entrepreneurs and researchers as well, who want to establish in-space manufacturing equipment. Also read:- Type of vacations that you need to take in your lifetime.

Space station vacation

Space vacation cost

Virgin Galactic by Richard Branson focusing on becoming the first business spaceline. The tickets are priced at around $250,000 per passenger. Michael Sufferedini, Nasa’s former ISS Manager who is leading Axiom, has not given any particular details so far; however, it will likely depend on the respect of Boeing and SpaceX to transport the people for the vacation in space beyond the stratosphere.

NASA space tourism

The axiom guests would be needed to wear a NASA-grade spacesuit on their vacation in space. The station will have a handhold as well, which will be wrapped in soft leather or plated in gold. The private cabins will have a screen for chilling with a glass-walled cupola where the guests could take a look at the landscape view Earth, possible with a beer. This is a whole new approach in the space tourism history.

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