what is Two-Factor Authentication

Nowadays, digital crime, internet fraud, hacking is continuously increasing. Everybody wants to secure those accounts, usernames, and passwords. They all are protecting them with different kinds of security, but if you’d ask them what is Two-Factor Authentication? They will answer, they don’t know about it and how is it use even when they have been using the two-factor authentication on a regular basis.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Many might be wondering as to what is two-factor Authentication? A two-factor authentication is an additional sheet of security which is also known as 2FA and multi-factor authentication. Some people don’t know about this type of security process.

In this, it requires not only a username and password but also some information which only the user knows. In two factor authentication, the user uses a password and username together with other information which the only user knows. Two Factor Authentication process mostly uses to identify theft on the internet and phishing via email. This type of authentication considered as faster and cheaper to maintain many networks within a time.

Why is it a useful access control technique? Everybody wants to know why is the valid access control technique is ok to use, we’ll tell you why? We all know that business has a big network and it can carry much information, and it is more important that this information has known by limited people, not by other people. There are different types of methods to maintain their privacy most of them use the username and password in this situation.

A two-factor authentication provides a different kind of solution which mostly used in banking and finance. In the two-factor authentication process, a user needs extra detail with username and password so he can quickly get access to the system. That’s why it is known as multi-factor authentication as well.

We hope now you must have got some idea of what is Two-Factor Authentication? And don’t forget, when you add two-factor authentication to an account; you must sign in to the account with the password and the two-Factor authentication credentials. Also Read:- How to secure twitter account?

How to set-up two factor authentication for Facebook?

  • Open the app on your device and click on the Menu option.
  • Scroll down to the Account Setting option>Security>Third party authenticator
  • After clicking on the Third-party authenticator, enter your Facebook password
  • Tap on continue and then click on Set up Now under this device
  • It will ask you to save a key for your Facebook account; tap on OK, a two-factor authentication app will open.
  • Open any browser on your laptop and open your facebook account and go to settings, and click security.
  • Click on Login Approvals and then tap to enable ‘Require a security code t access my account from unknown browsers’
  • Click on get started > continue
  • Enter your phone number so that Facebook can send a code through an SMS
  • Fill that information and tap continue
  • After you receive the confirmation code, click on confirm, and you’re good to go.

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