what's new on Amazon Echo and Alexa in India

I am very much sure that after Kiki challenge and Anushka Sharma’s upcoming Sui Dhaga memes everyone is very much aware of Alexa memes. Well if you aren’t, don’t fret, this article is all about what’s new on Amazon Echo and Alexa in India.

Echo family introduced to us by Amazon.com by the end of last year. Although, the virtual assistants launched three years ago. Speaking of Amazon Echo, it’s basically a virtual assistant hardware that is named Amazon Echo and it generally responses to the name, ‘Alexa’. It has a cloud-based voice service.

Though a few months ago Amazon Echo was in the headlines for it’s bitter action. For quite sometimes it was on the news as to how Amazon Echo secretly record family conversation– through the company sorted the whole thing quickly, soon after.

Right now, Amazon Echo has 3 variants: Echo dot, Echo, Echo plus.

Their size varies according to the naming done above, and obviously so does the range. Echo Dot has no speakers inbuilt, so it should be connected to external speakers, Echo has loud speakers whereas Echo plus has built-in hub. Amazon Echo price is ₹8,499.

Let’s check out now what’s new on Amazon Echo and Alexa in India:

what's new on Amazon Echo and Alexa in India

1-Kids friendly time

Amazon Echo has a skill of adjusting the time according to the particular user it would be interacting to. Like if your children wants to use it, you can set the Alexa skill according to your child’s age, say 5-12. Now, you will be having a totally friendly and cool Alexa.

2-Smart home products

You can easily connect your Alexa to other smart devices in your home.Its like switching your TV channels while you are not in your TV room, you can change the temperature of your ac, or if you have any more Echo products,say if you have Echo dot in your children’s bedroom you can play any nursery rhymes, soothing songs or any message you want to convey to them in the morning. Isn’t it cool!!

3-Calling, messaging and video calling

What’s new on Amazon Echo and Alexa in India is that Alexa provides us with the facility of calling and messaging your family members as well as friends who also have any Echo device. Although, Amazon has made calling and messaging free you just need to update Alexa and include your contact lists and it also allows you to drop-in the message in case there’s no one to answer the other device.

4-Third party skills

Amazon has allowed third party to add functionality to Alexa by tying up with Uber, Ola, GoIbibo, Freshmenu, Cleartrip, Urbanclap. This new add-on skill has proved to be the icing on the cake. Now we can order food, book rooms, call the nearest ride, book tickets and plan tours, buy online anything.

We can do Amazon shopping easily. We only have to connect our app to Alexa, our friend. We can do a lot more like ask Alexa to crack jokes, play games, play latest bollywood numbers,ask about Shahrukh Khan,news briefs etc. I hope you are still not wondering about what’s new on Amazon Echo and Alexa in India.

Moreover, apart from these new features, Alexa could assist in how to make your house smart.

Amazon Alexa vs Google home

-Firstly, let us talk about design. Alexa comes with an industrial and more of a mechanical look and has four buttons on top with 7 microphones and a light LED ring that responds colorfully according to replies whereas Google home comes with homely and esthetic look and having a touch panel and 4 LEDs for feedback. Google home gives feeling of a lamp or a fancy candle. Google has a tapping touch panel to silence it,that is a point Alexa lacks.

-Both have a feature of responding to the questions asked. But Google feels more natural and friend-like as it is more conversational and context aware. Suppose, you ask about the number of outlets of pizza hut in Jaipur and just after that you ask-who is the owner of that company-Google will-on its own would refer to pizza hut. On the other hand, Alexa lacks simple contextual understanding of text flow.

-Google won’t allow you to make calls and send messages, however, Alexa would. Adding to this, Alexa is better at local jobs and queries like playing bollywood songs,ordering food,booking rides and so on. This point was earlier explained in what’s new on Amazon Echo and Alexa in India portion.

-Both the assistants can understand hindi very well. However,at the moment Alexa knows Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada and the proper nouns. It can easily respond to any hindi syllable like ‘amma’ in any song. Alexa’s got some extra points here!

-Google can recognize 6 different people at a time but Alexa applies one for all approach.

-Google is limited to only international resources like, Forbes, BBC, Al Jazeera but Alexa has a reach to both international and national resources like NDTV, Aaj Tak, ESPN,BBC etc.

-Google produces tighter and warmer bass and also distorts less at higher pitch. It has got better audio quality than Alexa.


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