whatsapp group video call

Whatsapp group video call

Last week of May, Facebook’s F8 conference took place where Mark Zuckerberg announced various exciting features for both Whatsapp and Facebook. After the whole Cambridge Analytica incident, Mark decided to allow the changes that need to be established from a developer’s perspective. However, he restated his responsibility to build Whatsapp and Facebook by launching new features. Mark Zuckerberg has announced the biggest WhatsApp feature this year in which it will allow the users to make WhatsApp group video call.

You could make a voice and a video call on WhatsApp to only individual contacts, as of now. However, Facebook wrote on it’s on its official website that there will a WhatsApp group video calling feature coming in near month.

The current video calling feature is much popular amongst the users and used by millions on a daily basis. The developers claimed to build various important changes till the final stage of the new update. Zuckerberg also announced the new feature of Facebook(clear history) that would enable the users to erase their littered history.

How does WhatsApp group video call work?

Though the makers have not yet released the feature WhatsApp group video call, however, it will soon be available. If you’re wondering how to make a simple video call on Whatsapp let us explain;

  • Open the WhatsApp conversation with the person you want to have the video conversation
  • Tap on the video camera icon at the top right of the window
  • Tap on Call to start the video call
  • If you want to make a ‘voice’ call tap on the telephone icon to call.

Alongside Whatsapp group video call Facebook is all set to introduce another feature on Whatsapp which will be ‘stickers.’ Yes, Whatsapp will have stickers feature like the Facebook Messenger, Line and WeChat. What’s more amazing is that the third parties can develop their own stickers as well.

Moreover, Whatsapp is stretching its demand into business. ‘Whatsapp for business on Android’ has recently launched this year which is currently for free. However, Whatsapp may start to charge huge brands for extra benefits that’d help them reach more customers and make more money.


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