We are in a generation wherein we all are familiar with Whastapp. Everyone you see is using this app in order to stay connected with their loved one. It is been used by billions of people ever day to text or share media. It is a fun app and has become more and more intriguing with its everyday updated features. WhatsApp new update happens every other day; for instance after Whatsapp group video call feature came the restricted chat feature, and the list goes on. And it seems that they have some new features to share with us, once again!

According to WABtainfo, Whatsapp would soon come with 12 new features that would soon change the game. WABtainfo is a magazine known for examining the development and beta builds of Whatsapp to have an understanding into its upcoming features.

However, when the update comes out, you could install whatsapp new version from play/apple stores, respectively.

Let’s have a look at whatsapp new features:

Whatsapp new update 2019


  1. Blocked screenshots

whatsapp new update

This is one of the most debatable topic of the upcoming update; former versions of Whatsapp have exhibited that the company is working on a new feature ‘Authentication’ for android that would require the scanning of your fingerprint for the app to open. However, a new beta update on Android has shown that this feature would deter the user to take a screenshot after enabling the feature.

It is further reported that the fingerprint security, when enabled, would require user’s fingerprints in order to open the app and block screenshots from being taken. Though you could still answer calls and revert to texts thru notification panel when whatsapp is locked.

Several twitter users shared their grief in return when WABetainfo proclaimed the controversial whatsapp new feature on twitter. One user stated that if one authenticates the app with its fingerprint then why they couldn’t take an SS?

For one user it’s a wrong move made by the company and expects them to undo this change.It has not yet been declared as to when the whatsapp new update would release for Android users.


  1. New emojis for Doodle UI

Whatsapp’s Doodle Ui feature is quite popular amongst the users. It enable, users to edit images, for instance by adding smileys and drawing faces on them. However, the emojis proffered were functional, they were lacking consistency with the rest of the application. That’s because the icons were different than the characters present within the chat.

Though, the company is working this whatsapp new update to make it even more consistent. Sadly, it hasn’t been officially published when the new update would roll out.


  1. Animated stickers

whatsapp new update

Last year on October, Whatsapp introduced animated stickers to its users. They labelled it as ‘a course to express your feeling thru stickers.‘ According to WABetainfo, the company is working on this whatsapp new update, as well. Moreover, the animated stickers are somewhat seems similar to Facebook messenger’s stickers- one of its major rivals.

The channel admits that the release date of this latest Whatsapp feature won’t happen anytime soon, however, declared it’d be available soon for Whatsapp Web and iOS along with Android devices.

  1. Play Voice chats ‘automatically’

With this new latest whatsapp update users would be able to play voice message without having to press ‘play.’ On this whatsapp new update the messages’ would play in a row automatically as soon as the first one stops, as you’d open the message. This update was seen in Android Beta Version 2.19.86.


  1. Encryption

This new feature is already available for iOS version. The feature tested on Android users on beta version 2.19.83, as well. The feature allows its user to add an extra layer of security to the app and would open only as per the settings you have saved. After enabling this feature, you could choose the authentication feature that would lock the app, quickly after 1 min, 10 min or after 30 min.


Whatsapp new update


  1. Discover number of times a message been forwarded

This feature if it’s truly going to come out then it’d be an amazing feature! This new feature would tell you how many times a message has been forwarded. Users could see how frequently the message been forwarded in the ‘forwarding info’ option.


  1. Audio files

Observed in Beta version 2.19.89, this whatsapp new update enable users to play the audio file prior to sending it to the recipient. This feature would allow you to send 30 audio files at times.


  1. Dark mode

This kind of theme has been seen in various platforms of instant messaging app counting main settings, chats settings, account settings, data & storage usage settings, and notification settings.


  1. Whatsapp videos playing in the background

This feature allows user to watch videos from YouTube, Instagram, Streamable, and Facebook even after switching apps in between the video. The video would continue to play in the background after the user would exit the app


  1. Enhancement of stickers/ Gifs

Gifs that are hugely popular amongst youngsters nowadays, and thanks to them for popularising them in great manner that they can be seen on Whatsapp, as well. They could be seen in an existing sticker packs and allegedly been noticed in all 3 OS- iOS, Android, and Web.


  1. Archives would remain ‘Archived’

You wouldn’t need to put a text that was in the archived folder into archive again and again whenever a new message comes. At present an archive chat automatically turns unarchived when the person sends a new text.


  1. Check the creditability of an image

With this feature you could search for an image right in your chats. Furthermore, this feature would allow you to search for the credibility of an image- whether it’s real or a fabricated image. This new feature was seen on Beta version 2.19.73.


  1. Emojis with more options

Whatsapp new update is working on replacing current emoji stickers to have their own official emojis. Which means that the emojis, at present, we send to any contacts, would be replaced by the ones the users see on their keyboard.

Looking at these updates, we are highly anticipating for the new whatsapp update to roll out soon!


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