whatsapp shopping feature

What’s better than having a place where you could shop, chat, video call, group text, all at the same time, at one app only! In the near future, it appears that whatsapp would soon introduce a feature that would allow us shop online, as well. This new concept ( whatsapp shopping feature ) is quite intriguing! Isn’t it? Last year Facebook was working on one out of several things, such as how to share facebook video on whatsapp, and Whatsapp group video call.

At the yearly F8 2019 developer meeting, Facebook discussed about how they could enhance Whatsapp for corporations and is attempting to transform the experience whilst conversing with companies. On an F8 conference

Though, we need to wait for a while until this whatsapp shopping feature becomes public. Facebook is currently adding the option to enable companies to add a collection of products in Whatsapp chats. The users could see a business list inside Whatsapp when they’d chat with a company. Facebook told that with lists, businesses could exhibit their products so that people could easily find them.

Whatsapp shopping feature

It would be very exciting to see how Facebook incorporates the whatsapp shopping feature in the chats. The company has recently been seen working on extra features in whatsapp that comprise improved doodle picker, and hiding chats. This whatsapp new update by Facebook is anticipated to soon add more features in business similarly Whatsapp payments which they officially launched last year.

whatsapp shopping feature

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said in an earnings call with experts said that they are working on a test running in India for Whatsapp payments, now. They are expecting to launch this update in various other countries. However, they haven’t decided a specific period as to when they are going to launch it, nor do they want to put a specific date on that. Though, it is something they are actively working on.

Facebook F8 conference 2019

Facebook has displayed keen interest in assisting corporations connect with prospective consumers. Additionally, to Whatsapp, Facebook is discovering ways in order to lift their business in their Messenger app, as well. Apart from whatsapp shopping feature, Facebook concocted an ‘appointment feature’ so that people could book their appointments within the messenger app. With this feature, it would soon become possible for you to book an appointment with companies such as stylists, cleaning services, or car dealers, etc. in the messenger.

In the rolling F8 conference, Facebook has proclaimed that it is including Lead Generation templates to the Advertisements Manager. This feature is expected to help out other companies to easily build an ad across a basic question and answer session within Messenger in order to know more about their consumers.

Whatsapp shopping feature is a highly anticipated updated that we all are expecting to roll out soon!



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