why is my phone battery draining so fast

We all have gone through the agony of ‘battery low, charge now’ days and we still do. It is not only a concern of Android users, iPhone users, too, suffers from low battery issues; and all those technology hacks didn’t prove to be of much help when it came to save your phone’s battery life. I mean it is pretty apparent that smartphones are pretty expensive; though there are several smartphones that comes at an affordable range, however, keeping your current phone running as much as you could prevent you from splurging money on a new handset. But, no matter how much you’re trying to work with your phone in order to keep its battery life healthy it just doesn’t get along with you and you are bound to question yourself- why is my phone battery draining so fast?

Following are some issues that you need to take into consideration. These reasons might be one of the causes to make your battery life go weaker.

why is my phone battery draining so fast

Why is my phone battery draining so fast top 5 reasons:

  1. Watch your screen brightness

Everything is okay- no junks-no unnecessary files- nothing whatsoever, however, when you look at your phone you saw the battery went down from 98% to straight 56% in no time, and you are there- looking at your phone- scratching your head, thinking, why is my phone battery draining so fast even after taking good care of it? Well, its time you should check the brightness level of your phone.

Either keep it as low as you can or customize it with the setting that automatically adjusts the brightness based on your surroundings.

  1. Keep an eye on your wifi settings

Using wifi over data could be a smart way to save your data, however, it’s not a clever idea to keep your wifi network on all time. If your phone would consistently search for wifi it may become the cause of your battery drainage. If you think you do not require the wifi signal, keep it off in the settings to restrict your phone from looking for a signal and draining your phone’s battery.

  1. Look at your Notification squad

Keep an eye on your phone and examine if its keep lighting up, vibrating or playing notifications sounds every few seconds. A consistent series of notification can be a reason for the battery drainage. Ensure that you have enabled notifications for apps that you really care about.

  1. Automatic syncing

Allowing your phone to automatically sync your data might sound like a good choice. However, if your battery is draining in the middle of the day you might want to reconsider the automatic syncing on your phone. Try syncing manually, which means your photos and videos would sync only when you allow it to do so.

  1. Software not up to date

Sometimes the reason why your battery is running low is because you haven’t updated your phone. Updating the software on your phone could help to fix the bug that was paying its contribution in lowering down your phone’s battery. Now you don’t have to wonder why is my phone battery draining so fast.

Android battery draining fast fix:

If you own an Android phone you must have gone through once in your lifetime wondering- why is my phone battery draining so fast? If you’re a Samsung user and your Samsung battery draining fast, then, ensure you do the followings:

Uninstall every battery saver app you have. They make the situation more worse; rather saving the battery they tend to weaken your phone even more, therefore, weak battery.

The power saving mode enables the user to effectively put those apps into sleep that shouldn’t be running in the background sucking up the battery juices. Though some apps needed to be run in the background in order to deliver maximum performance; you don’t have to optimize such apps. Only do this for apps that is contributing in draining of your battery.

There are a lot o fnew smartphones launched in the market that gives you an ample amount of battery life. The newly launched lenovo z5 would be a great choice for those who are looking for a decent battery life. The lenovo z5 battery life gives you an 8 hour of standby talk.

Why is my phone battery draining so fast solution no: 3– Activate your ‘auto-save battery’ mode, like most Android phones, they have an inbuilt auto-save battery mode that gets activated as soon as your phone reaches 20%- it could be customized though. Such features restrict your phone to only calls and texts when you are running out of battery.

Another remedy to save your battery from draining is to disable the ‘back up my data’ that you’d find it in your Android settings. Once you have discovered the button, disable it and restart your phone.


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